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Existence of God

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  1. The Existence of God – Learning Targets (PDF)
  2. Atheists, Agnostics, and “The Nones” in America Keynote (PDF)
  3. Atheists, Agnostics, and The Nones – Class Notes & Challenge Questions (PDF)



  1. Because God Is Real – book excerpt Keynote (PDF), Because God is Real – 10 Arguments list (PDF)
  2. Because God is Real, Part 1 worksheet (PDF), Because God is Real, Part 2 worksheet (PDF)
  1. Arguments for the Existence of God class notes (PDF), Arguments for the Existence of God class notes – with answers (PDF)
  2. Answering Atheism – Chris Stefanick (video web link)
  3. The Argument from Design Keynote (PDF), The Argument from Design video (video web link), Atheist car bumper sticker at OLG (PDF)
  4. The Argument from Desire Keynote (PDF), The Argument from Desire video (video web link)
  5. Rolling Stones (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (video web link)
  6. U2 – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (video web link), U2 (with Gospel Choir) (video web link)
  7. Pascal’s Wager Keynote (PDF), Pascal’s Wager video (video web link)
  8. The Existence of God Study Guide (PDF)
  9. Fr. Barron on The New Atheists class notes (PDF), Fr. Barron on The New Atheists (video web link)



  1. Introduction to The Problem of Evil Keynote (PDF), The Problem of Evil – Class Notes & HW (PDF)
  2. Responding to the Problem of Evil – Class Notes (PDF), Responding to the Problem of Evil – Class Notes (with answers) (PDF)
  3. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat (PDF)



  1. The Existence of God Test Study Guide (PDF)
  2. ExistenceofGodC-a-T (Word doc)



  1. StrangeNotions.com (web link)
  2. 20 Arguments for the Existence of God by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli (web link)
  3. 23 Clues to God’s Existence (PDF)
  4. Are You There God? – 5 Ways to Prove God Exists (PDF)
  5. Thomas Aquinas’ “5 Ways” (Proofs for the Existence of God) (PDF)
  6. The Argument from Bach (PDF), Bach – O Haupt Voll Blut Ind Wunden lyrics (PDF)


FR. BARRON VIDEO COMMENTARIES (On Atheism, Science, Faith & Reason)

  1. Against the YouTube Heresies (Part 1), Against the YouTube Heresies (Part 2)
  2. Creation
  3. Faith and Reason
  4. God and Morality
  5. God, the Tsunami, and the Problem of Evil
  6. Has Science Refuted Aristotelian Causality?
  7. Lumen Fidei
  8. Misreading Genesis
  9. Peter Hitchens and the “Rage Against God”
  10. Praying for Christopher Hitchens
  11. Religion and Science
  12. Religulous (Bill Maher)
  13. Scientism and God’s Existence
  14. Stephen Hawking and More Tired Atheism
  15. The Argument from Desire
  16. The New Atheists
  17. Violence in the Bible
  18. Why Do We Believe in God?
  19. Why I Loved to Listen to Christopher Hitchens
  20. Why Is There So Much Disorder in the Universe?
  21. Why So Many Atheists are on the CNN Belief Blog
  22. Who God Is and Who God Is Not
  23. Zeitgeist The Movie



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