"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Theology of the Body




  1. These Beautiful Bones (video web link)
  2. Theology of the Body Introduction Keynote (PDF), Introducing The Theology of the Body class notes – blank (PDF)
  3. JP2’s 129 Wednesday Audiences (web link)
  4. Pope John Paul II by Chris Stefanick (video web link)
  5. TOB Class Notes – All Chapters (PDF)

Chapter 1 – Who am I? Discovering My True Identity

  1. TOB HW Pages 5-8 (PDF)
  2. Animals vs. Humans Keynote (PDF)
  3. TOB Class Notes Chapter 1 (PDF)

Chapter 2 – Our Story: God’s Plan, Human Sin, Jesus’ Love

  1. TOB Class Notes Chapter 2 (PDF)

Chapter 3 – Me, Myself, and I: Body and Soul

  1. TOB HW Page 31 (PDF)
  2. TOB Class Notes Chapter 3 (PDF)

Chapter 4 – How Should I Act?

  1. Be a Saint 24-7 (PDF)
  2. TOB Class Notes Chapter 4 (PDF)

Chapter 5 – Sex, Love, and Chastity

  1. TOB HW Pages 50-53 (PDF)
  2. Complementarity Keynote (PDF), Some Differences between Men and Women (PDF)
  3. Jason Evert Quote (PDF)
  4. TOB Class Notes – Marriage Vows (PDF), Catholic Wedding Vows (PDF), The Meaning of the Marriage Vows (PDF)
  5. Five Minute Faith – Annulments Explained (video web link), The Difference between an Annulment and a Divorce (PDF)
  6. TOBPages58-61 (Word doc)
  7. Rodney Atkins – Cleaning this Gun (song clip) (video web link)
  8. TOB Class Notes – STDs & The Purity Ladder (PDF)
  9. Basic Info on STDs (PDF), The Purity Ladder – completed (PDF)
  10. TOB Class Notes Chapter 5 (PDF)

Chapter 6 – To Use or Not to Use? That is the Question: The Opposite of Love

  1. Blimey Cow – “Like” vs. “Love” (video web link)
  2. Frozen – Olaf Explains What Love Is (video web link)
  3. St. Thomas Aquinas’ definition of love (PDF)
  4. TOBPages71-75 (Word doc)
  5. TOB Class Notes Chapter 6 (PDF)
  1. TOB Pick 2 HW worksheet (PDF)
  2. “Save the Kiss” Challenge (PDF)
  3. I Used to be 35 Pounds Lighter Than I am Today (PDF)
  4. Modesty is Annoying (PDF)
  5. Power of Prayer (PDF)
  6. Practical Advice for a Pure Life (PDF)
  7. The Natural Progression of a Relationship (video web link)
  8. The Story of the Lizard of Lust – By C.S. Lewis (audio web link)

Chapter 7 – Vocation: God’s Call, My Response

  1. TOB HW Vocations (PDF)
  2. How to Discern by Fr. Mike Schmitz – Video Notes (PDF), Fr. Mike Schmitz – How to Discern (video web link)
  3. Blimey Cow – “Oh No! I’m Single! I’m Going to Die!” (video web link)
  4. TOB Class Notes Chapter 7 (PDF)
  1. Mundelein Seminary – The Calling (video web link)
  2. Sr. Veronica Marie on Joy – Imagine Sisters (video web link)
  3. Into Great Silence Trailer (video web link), Monastery Life Isn’t for the Weak (PDF)
  1. WhereIsGodCallingME (boys edition) (Word doc), WhereIsGodCallingME (girls edition) (Word doc)
  2. If It Weren’t for God, You’d Have Ended up in Jail (PDF)
  3. FOLLOW ME, Episode I: Chase Hilgenbrinck (video web link)
  4. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia – Promo (video web link), Picture of The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (Nashville, TN) (PDF)
  1. Fr. Barron comments on Mother Teresa and her Sisters (video web link)
  2. Fishers of Men (video web link)

Chapter 8 – Hope and Future: Daily Living Out the Language of the Body

  1. Chastity Commitment Cards Instructions (PDF), Chastity Commitment Cards printable template (PDF)
  2. A Surprise and a Pure Love Promise (video web link)
  3. Dear Future Spouse Instructions (PDF), Example Letter 1 (PDF), Letter 2 (PDF), Letter 3 (PDF), Letter 4 (PDF)


  1. The Theology of the Body Test Study Guide (PDF)
  2. Theology of the Body Crossword Puzzle (PDF)



  1. RomancewithoutRegret1-2 (Word doc), RomancewithoutRegret3-4 (Word doc)
  2. NFP – Fertility Cycle Picture (PDF)
  3. STD Info (PDF)
  4. PickandChooseQ&A – boys’ version (Word doc), PickandChooseQ&A – girls’ version (Word doc)
  5. Theology of the Body Study Guide (completed) (PDF)
  6. www.Chastity.com (web link)



  1. Fireproof movie trailer (video web link), The Love Dare (from the movie Fireproof) (PDF)



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