"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

1st Days of School

1st Days of School website header.

RELIGION CLASS BASICS (Procedures, Expectations, Etc.)

  1. 1st Days of School – Learning Targets (PDF)
  2. Bear – Ninja – Cowboy (PDF)
  3. Popsicle Stick Creating (PDF), File Folder Example (PDF)
  4. Religion Class Rundown Poster (PDF)
  5. Prayer Dog Expectations (PDF)
  6. Classroom Job: Helper Homies Cheat Sheet (PDF), Classroom Job: Greeters Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  7. Homeroom Responsibilities – Captains and Gopher (PDF)
  8. 2 Timothy 4.7 visual (PDF)
  9. Classroom Expectations poster (PDF), Can I Listen to Music? poster (PDF)
  10. Partner and Group Work poster (PDF), Partner and Group Work Expectations Keynote (PDF)
  11. Paper Passin’ Keynote (PDF), Paper Passin’ Example – 8A 2014 (video web link)
  12. “Yay God!” Instructions (PDF)
  13. Adoration Chapel Expectations (PDF)
  14. “Where You At?” Question Prompts (PDF)
  15. Test-Taking Procedures & Reminders (PDF)
  16. Test Cover Sheet – Post-Test Reflection (PDF)



  1. 7th Grade Video Syllabus 2017-2018 (video web link), 7th Grade Syllabus and Plan for Success 2017-2018 (PDF)
  2. 8th Grade Video Syllabus 2017-2018 (video web link), 8th Grade Syllabus and Plan for Success (PDF)
  3. Parent Information Night Syllabus (PDF)



  1. (7th grade) Get to Know You Survey (PDF), Get to Know You Survey – Mr. Aitchison 2012-2013 (PDF), Get to Know You Survey Student Note-Taking Guide (PDF)
  2. All About Mr. Aitchison – Video Testimony (video web link), Getting to Know Mr. Aitchison – Class Notes (PDF)
  3. (8th grade) All About Me Video Project (PDF), How to Make a Keynote Screen Capture Video (video web link)
  4. All About Me Project – Mr. Aitchison (video web link), All About Me Project Student Note-Taking Guide (PDF)
  5. 2 Truths and a Lie – paper version (PDF), 2 Truths and a Lie (Word doc), 2 Truths and a Lie – Mr. Aitchison 1 (PDF), 2 Truths and Lie – Mr. Aitchison 2 (PDF)



  1. Grading Info (All) Keynote (PDF)
  2. How To (and NOT to) Save Assignments (PDF)
  3. Our Lady of Grace Grading Scale (PDF)
  4. Religion Grading Setup (PDF)
  5. Timeliness of Work (PDF)
  6. Late Work (and other) Policies (PDF)
  7. Powerschool Legend (PDF)
  8. Getting Papers Back (PDF)
  9. Middle School Test Retake Ticket (PDF)
  10. Academic Dishonesty (Cheating Discussion) Keynote (PDF)



  1. BeSafe7thgrade (Word doc)
  2. BeSafe8thgrade (Word doc)
  3. Abuse in the Catholic Church – Boston Globe (PDF)
  4. Be Safe Video 1 – Cyberbullying: You Can’t Take It Back (video web link)
  5. Be Safe Video 2 – Tracking Teresa (video web link)
  6. Be Safe Video 3 – Facebook, YouTube, Texting: Rules of the Road for Kids (video web link)
  7. Be Safe Video 4 – Clicky’s Rap – Know the Rules (video web link)
  8. Be Safe Video 5 – Oversharing: Digital Citizenship (video web link)
  9. Be Safe Video 6 – Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online (video web link)



  1. Catholic Mass Review – What Should I Say (PDF), The Order of the Mass (PDF)
  2. Catholic Mass Review – What Should I Do? (PDF), Catholic Mass Review – What Should I Do? (Keynote) (PDF)



  1. FaithSurvey7thgrade (Word doc)
  2. FaithSurvey8thgrade (Word doc)
  3. Website Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
  4. E-mail Suggestions & Reminders Keynote (PDF)
  5. Saint Calendar (PDF)
  6. Aitchison.Greg.1stDaysofSchoolC-a-T (Word doc)