"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Friday – April 27, 2012

7th grade

HW & Announcements:
  1. HW: Quote Dogs due Monday
  2. Drop MVP-Hard1
  3. Drop MVP-Hard2
  4. Checking to make sure MV note packet pictures #1-7 (1-6 for 7R) are complete
  5. No Class Today (MCA Testing) – Homework from Monday is due on Friday
In Class:
  1. “Museum Tour” of MV note packet pictures
  2. Finishing Mark 13:13 notes and discussion
  3. Ephesians 5:25a – Discussion, videos, etc.

8th grade

HW & Announcements:
  1. HW1: PGTopTidbits
  2. HW2: Quote Dogs (due Monday)
  3. Drop PierGiorgioFrassati HW
  4. Pick up PGTopTidbits doc
  5. Pick up Pier Giorgio Frassati – Group Activity PDF
In Class:
  1. Grape toss review of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
  2. Pier Giorgio group activity (small groups, then whole group share)
  3. Explaining HW
  4. Time to work on HW

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