"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Tuesday – May 29, 2012

7th grade

HW & Announcements:
  1. HW: Bible Booyas and Quote Dogs due on Thursday
  2. Drop MediaLies.doc
  3. Pass in Theology of the Body parent letter
  4. Optional: Peer Ministry Application due on the last day of school
  5. TMR this Thursday!
In Class:
  1. Student-led review of Theology of the Body timeline
  2. Partner and group sharing Media Lies talk
  3. Learning “How to cook a frog” via the Smartboard
  4. Watching Evolution of a Model and discussing

8th grade

HW & Announcements:
  1. No HW
  2. Show completion of Dear Future Spouse HW
  3. Drop PickandChooseQ&A.doc
  4. TMR this Thursday!
In Class:
  1. Sharing thoughts on Dear Future Spouse HW and praying for future spouses
  2. Partner and group sharing PickandChooseQ&A HW
  3. “Where you going?” small and big group activity
  4. Watching “Lifehouse – Everything drama” video and discussing
  5. Litany of Saints prayer

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