"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Friday – January 4, 2013

7th grade

HW & Announcements:
  1. HW: ChurchHistoryQ&A.doc (Due: Monday)
  2. Other HW coming up:
  3. 2nd quarter Service Hours (Due: Friday)
  4. 2nd quarter Bible Booyas (check Powerschool due date)
  5. January Quote Dogs (check Powerschool due date)
  6. 2nd quarter Extra Credit (check Powerschool due date)
In Class:
  1. (Gone with 8th grade on field trip to General Mills)
  2. Entire class time to work on HW

8th grade

HW & Announcements:

  1. HW1: 12 Apostles worksheet (Due: Monday)
  2. HW2: Service Hours (Due: Next Friday)
In Class:
  1. No class today (8th grade field trip to General Mills)

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