"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Friday – February 8, 2013

7th grade

HW & Announcements:
  1. HW: Lent worksheet
  2. Pick up 7th grade Lent folder
In Class:
  1. Group discussion: “What do you know about Lent?”
  2. Watching video and taking notes on Lent video
  3. Working on and explaining Lent Calendar (Notebook file)
  4. Showing and explaining HW
  5. Time to work on HW

8th grade

HW & Announcements:

  1. HW: 12StoriesaboutSTA.doc
  2. Pick up 12 Stories about St. Thomas Aquinas folder
In Class:
  1. Continuing Arguments/Proofs for the Existence of God class notes (The Argument from Bach/Beauty)
  2. Showing and explaining HW
  3. Time to work on HW

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