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The Untapped Power of Posters: 7 Ways a Well-Chosen Poster Can Have a HUGE Impact in Your Classroom

Just how much power is there in a poster?

The answer:


Let me explain…

One of the first posters I ever created and put up in my classroom was one I originally called “The Empty Heart Dude” (now called “Only God Can Fill the Hole in Your Soul” 😇).

I chose this theme because I knew it was one I really wanted my students to take in before graduating 8th grade and heading off into a world that so often feeds them lies about finding fulfillment and happiness.

This was a topic I had talked about in lessons numerous times before, but when I put this poster on my wall it was as if non-stop light bulbs began to go off in the minds and hearts of my students.

But why? What was it about this one poster (and numerous others that I would eventually create) that ended up having such a huge spiritual impact on my students? I’ve reflected on this question a lot over the years and have come up with 7 main reasons:

  1. THEY SAW IT EVERY DAY: Companies spend billions of dollars on image-based ads because they know that repeated, passive exposure works.
  1. IT WAS SOMETHING THEY COULD TAKE IN WHEN THEY WERE READY AND WILLING: Not everyone is receptive to a message the first time they hear it. Sometimes we need extra time to mull over things before finally accepting them into our own lives.
  1. IT WAS EYE-CATCHING: The poster wasn’t just a bunch of boring text on the wall, but a striking visual that grabbed my students’ attention and made them want to figure out the meaning behind it.
  1. IT WAS MEMORABLE: Due to the unique look of this poster, I had students come back years after graduating that referenced it and told me about the enduring messages it taught them.
  1. IT WAS RELATABLE: Everyone battles with the temptation to put one’s hope and happiness in something other than God. This poster touched upon spiritual realities experienced by all.
  1. IT WAS A CONNECTION POINT: My students referenced this poster ALL THE TIME: During class discussions, in assignment and test answers, and even in normal conversations outside of class. As their teacher, I also used this poster to bridge all kinds of significant ideas and lessons together.
  1. IT WAS POWERFUL: The truth has a power all of its own. In a world where social media, celebrities, and the wider culture tends to either avoid or trample upon God’s truth, this poster stood out in an incredibly powerful way.

Of course, after experiencing the impact that just one carefully designed and thought-out poster could have, I decided to create more:

With the creation of each poster I would ask myself:

  • “What messages do my students need to be reminded of the most?”
  • “What Bible verse, quotes, and saints would my students be most impacted by and remember for the rest of their lives?”
  • “What kind of posters would be great to have available to reference throughout the school year?”

I was amazed at the interest and excitement my students displayed whenever I hung up a new poster. Inevitably, they would want to talk about it and understand my reasons for creating it.

Time and again I was pleasantly surprised at how these posters were making the faith come alive in the lives of my students.

And so, I eventually decided to help get these posters into the hands of teachers and their classrooms around the world. You can check out the current supply at The CRT Shop:

Want to know which posters were the most loved and impactful in my classroom? Check out My Top 10(ish) Most Impactful Classroom Posters to find out! 😁

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