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Please help!

I am in the midst of a huge overhaul and update of this website and am looking for some testimonials from anyone who has found my website and resources helpful (as a teacher/catechist, on a personal level, etc.). If you are willing to e-mail a brief testimonial for me to post on my new website I would be forever grateful! (Thank you already to THESE WONDERFUL FOLKS who have already done so!)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Address an e-mail to me at: GregAitchison@gmail.com
  2. Share your first and last name
  3. (If applicable) Share the name of the school or church you work at and where it is located
  4. Share how you and/or your students/others have been helped in a positive way through the resources posted at CatholicReligion.com

Thank you to any and all who help with this!

God bless,


While tons of resources are offered for free on this site, you can also purchase full detailed lesson plans and your own editable copies of assignments, presentations, review games, etc. (Many of the items on this site are saved as unalterable PDFs or locked Microsoft Word documents. Purchased resources will be original, “unlocked” files that you can edit and adjust as you see fit.) Click on the image below to access these resources.

I will continue to upload more and more new resources, so please check back often!

God’s blessings upon you and your students!

In Christ,