"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Diagnosing the Culture

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  1. Diagnosing the Culture Unit Introduction Keynote (PDF)
  2. Screwtape in America (PDF)
  3. The Screwtape Letters – Audio Drama (video web link), www.Screwtape.com (web link)
  4. Lies from the Father of Lies (PDF), Top10Lies (Word doc)
  5. Introduction to Dangers in American Culture (PDF)
  6. 8 Dangers in American Culture (PDF)




  1. Narcissism Keynote (PDF), Narcissism Keynote (expanded edition)
  2. Creative Summary – Narcissism (PDF)

Constant Noise & Crazy-Busy Lives

  1. Constant Noise and Crazy-Busy Lives Keynote (PDF), Constant Noise and Crazy-Busy Lives Keynote (expanded edition) (PDF)
  2. Silent and Still HW (PDF)
  3. Creative Summary – Constant Noise & Crazy-Busy Lives (PDF)


  1. Hedonism Keynote (PDF)
  2. Finding Examples of Hedonism in America Today (PDF)


  1. Relativism Keynote (PDF)
  2. Relativism – Class Notes (PDF)
  3. Relativism-Lecrae (Word doc), Lecrae – “Truth” lyrics (PDF), Lecrae – “Truth” song (video web link)

False Tolerance

  1. False Tolerance Keynote (PDF), False Tolerance Keynote (expanded edition) (PDF)
  2. Creative Summary – False Tolerance (PDF)

Mistaken Christianities

  1. Mistaken Christianities Keynote (PDF)
  2. Creative Summary – Mistaken Christianities (PDF), Creative Summary – Mistaken Christianities (Aitchison example)

The Nones, New Atheists, and Scientism

  1. The Nones, New Atheists, and Scientism Keynote (PDF)
  2. Creative Summary – The Nones, New Atheists, and Scientism (PDF)

Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places

  1. Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places Keynote (PDF)
  2. Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places – Class Notes (PDF)
  3. Levels of Happiness Practice (PDF)
  4. LookingforHappiness (Word doc)
  5. Casting Crowns – American Dream (PDF), Song (video web link)
  6. Kristian Bush – Trailer Hitch lyrics (PDF), Song (video web link)
  7. Lecrae – Confessions lyrics (PDF), Song (video web link)
  8. Lecrae – Don’t Waste Your Life lyrics (PDF), Song (video web link)
  9. Lecrae – Identity lyrics (PDF), Song (video web link)



  1. Diagnosing the Culture Test Study Guide (PDF)
  2. DiagnosingtheCultureC-a-T (Word doc)
  3. Diagnosing the Culture Crossword Puzzle (PDF)



  1. False Tolerance – Jesus on Sin (PDF)
  2. Media Bias & Antics with Semantics Keynote (PDF)
  3. Media Bias & Antics with Semantics HW (PDF)