"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Faith Quotes

A good quote can be almost MAGICAL. In only a sentence or two deep truths can be conveyed and entire books summarized. Minds and hearts can be instantly opened to something they’ve never known or felt before. And lives can be renewed, refocused, and reenergized in unimaginable ways.

But for a sound-byte culture where short attention spans, religious confusion, and moral relativism have become somewhat of the norm, good quotes can remain hidden and their power left untapped. So, in an effort to revitalize this magic I present to you a 15 year-long compilation of 250+ “Quote Dogs” (a wide variety of quotes connected to faith and everyday life). Read ’em. Memorize ’em. Live by ’em!

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  1. Prayer (PDF)
  2. Doing the Will of God (PDF)
  3. Love, Life, and Virtue (PDF)
  4. God 1st / God and Humanity (PDF)
  5. The Bible (PDF)
  6. Christ / Christianity / The Church (PDF)
  7. Becoming a Saint (PDF)
  8. Living and Preaching the Gospel (PDF)
  9. Temptation / Sin / Evil / Suffering (PDF)
  10. Heaven and Hell (PDF)
  11. Truth and Beauty (PDF)
  12. Diagnosing the Culture (part 1) (PDF)
  13. Diagnosing the Culture (part 2) (PDF)
  14. Family / Marriage / Theology of the Body (part 1) (PDF)
  15. Family / Marriage / Theology of the Body (part 2) (PDF)
  16. The Poor / Simplicity (PDF)
  17. War and Peace / The Death Penalty (PDF)
  18. Abortion / Euthanasia (PDF)



  1. Who is this guy and why haven’t I heard of him? (web link)
  2. G.K. Chesterton, the Quotemeister (PDF)
  3. Hundreds More Chesterton Quotations (listed by topic) (web link)