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Family Life

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Personal and Project Update Winter 2019

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  1. Communication & Teen Pressure worksheet (PDF)
  2. Who am I? worksheet (PDF)
  3. Teens and the Importance of Sleep – annotated (PDF)
  4. St. Thomas Aquinas’ definition of love (PDF)
  5. Evolution of a Model (video web link)
  6. Leah Darrow (from America’s Next Top Model) – Fashion and Modesty (video web link)
  7. Barbie on The Today Show (video web link), The Scary Reality of a Real-Life Barbie (PDF), What Would a Real Life Barbie Look Like? (PDF), The Creation of “Normal Barbie” (PDF)
  8. Action Figures Muscle Progression (PDF)
  9. 200 High School Girls Give Up Makeup (PDF), Grrrl Power vs. Abercrombie (PDF), “Clothe the Naked” (Letter to Lunds) (PDF), Dear ESPN (PDF)



  1. Music&TheToB-7th (Word doc)
  2. Bebo Norman – Britney lyrics (PDF), Bebo Norman – Britney (video web link)
  3. Lecrae – Fall Back lyrics (PDF), Lecrae – Fall Back (video web link)
  4. Mat Kearney – Girl America lyrics (PDF), Mat Kearney – Girl America (video web link)
  5. Trip Lee – Lookin’ for Love lyrics (PDF), Trip Lee – Lookin’ for Love (video web link)
  6. RecognizingLies2012 (Word doc), Recognizing Lies – Example 1 (PDF), Recognizing Lies – Example 2 (PDF)



  1. What’s Love? audio (video web link), What’sLove? (Word doc)
  2. Media Lies audio (video web link), MediaLies (Word doc)