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For Teachers

During my first few years of teaching I noticed how few online resources there were for theology/religion teachers. One of the reasons I created this website was to offer other fellow religion teachers some ideas and resources that they could use in their own classrooms. The list is quite short right now, so if you know of other websites that would fit the bill, please e-mail me the links or mention them in the comment section below. Thanks!

  1. The Religion Teacher – All kinds of goodies, from lesson plans and note templates to videos and even a free, book-sized guide to lesson planning! Do yourself a favor and get yourself on the e-mail list to receive occasional lesson plan additions, review game ideas, etc. You can’t go wrong with this site!
  2. The Source for Youth Ministry – EVERYTHING you could ever want in regards to the youth ministry side of teaching: Games and ice breakers, music and movie clip discussion starters, skit ideas, stories, a slang dictionary, etc.
  3. Jonathan’s Blog – Consistently great posts regarding how to best connect with teenagers and deal with some of the garbage they constantly have shoved at them (everything from the latest inappropriate #1 song on iTunes to poor examples displayed by celebrities). Definitely helps you “keep up” with all the goings on in the teenage world.
  4. Catechesis in the Third Millennium – A blog about parish catechesis of children and adults from a Steubenville grad. All kinds of great topics covered!