"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

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Bishop Barron Header - CRT WebsiteBishop Robert Barron is an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He founded the ministry, Word on Fire, which is an outstanding beacon of The New Evangelization. Bishop Barron has recorded and podcasted over 600 of his Sunday sermons (might I suggest you subscribe via iTunes right now?) and was the creator and host of the extraordinary Catholicism DVD Series. Lucky for me, I had the benefit of being a student of his when I was a seminarian at Mundelein (he was one of the best and most exciting professors I’ve ever had!).

As you’ll see from any of the links below, Bishop Barron is not only incredibly intelligent, but also one of the Church’s best communicators. Since 2007, he has been posting YouTube video commentaries on just about everything. I’m continuously amazed at the relevant and enlightening Catholic analysis Bishop Barron offers. Over 25 million people have already checked out his videos. What are you waiting for?

P.S. Teachers, this is a good/fun way to get students into the goldmine of Bishop Barron’s great work: Pick a Barron worksheet (PDF)


  1. 2012
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. A Serious Man
  4. Agora
  5. Angels and Demons
  6. Apocalypto
  7. Arrival
  8. Avatar
  9. Ben-Hur
  10. Bill Maher and Biblical Interpretation
  11. Bird Box
  12. Bridge of Spies
  13. Bully
  14. Calvary (and the Underrated Virtue of Forgiveness)
  15. Capitalism: A Love Story
  16. Cinderella
  17. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  18. Discovery Channel’s “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”
  19. District 9
  20. Doctor Strange
  21. Exodus: Gods and Kings
  22. Fargo
  23. For Greater Glory
  24. Gran Torino
  25. Gravity
  26. Hail, Caesar!
  27. Hercules and the Modern Meta-Narrative
  28. Hereafter
  29. HBO Series “Rome”
  30. Inception
  31. Indiana Jones
  32. Ingrid Goes West
  33. Jackie
  34. Lady Bird
  35. Last Days in the Desert
  36. Les Misérables
  37. Lord of the Rings (Part 1)
  38. Lord of the Rings (Part 2)
  39. Man of Steel
  40. Midnight in Paris
  41. Miracles from Heaven
  42. Moneyball
  43. Mother!
  44. Noah
  45. No Country for Old Men
  46. Of Gods and Men
  47. Religulous (Bill Maher)
  48. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  49. Risen
  50. Silence
  51. Skyfall
  52. Slumdog Millionaire
  53. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  54. The Adjustment Bureau
  55. The Amazing Spider-Man
  56. The Book of Eli
  57. The Case for Christ
  58. The Crown
  59. The Dark Knight
  60. The Dark Knight Rises
  61. The Departed
  62. The Doritos Commercial
  63. The Fault In Our Stars
  64. The Giver and Recovering Our Christian Memory
  65. The Great Gatsby
  66. The Grey
  67. The Hobbit
  68. The Homer Simpson Effect
  69. The Hunger Games
  70. The Ides of March
  71. The Martian
  72. The Matrix (Part 1)
  73. The Matrix (Part 2)
  74. The Revenant
  75. The Shape of Water
  76. The Shawshank Redemption
  77. The Sopranos (Part 1)
  78. The Sopranos (Part 2)
  79. The Stoning of Soraya M.
  80. The Theory of Everything
  81. To Rome With Love
  82. Tree of Life
  83. True Grit
  84. Vikings
  85. Whiplash
  86. Why Exorcism Films Still Fascinate
  87. Woody Allen’s Bleak Vision
  88. World War Z
  89. Zeitgeist The Movie



  1. “All Along the Watchtower” by Bob Dylan
  2. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle
  3. All the Light We Cannot See
  4. Bad Religion by Ross Douthat
  5. Being Catholic Now by Kerry Kennedy
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. Bob Dylan in China
  8. Dante and the Spiritual Journey
  9. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  10. Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell
  11. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part 1)
  12. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part 2)
  13. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part 3)
  14. Great Spiritual Classics
  15. Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, and the New Evangelization
  16. The Audacity of Hope by President Barack Obama
  17. The Crucifixion by Fleming Rutledge – Part 1, The Crucifixion by Fleming Rutledge – Part 2
  18. The Difference God Makes by Cardinal Francis George
  19. The Gap Ad Controversy
  20. The Shack by William P. Young
  21. The Swerve by Stephen Greeblatt
  22. The Way of a Pilgrim
  23. Why Priests? by Gary Wills
  24. Zealot by Reza Aslan



  1. Abortion: Shocking Numbers Out of New York
  2. Andrew Sullivan’s Non-Threatening Jesus
  3. Anne Rice Leaving Christianity
  4. Anti-Catholic Prejudice
  5. Celebrating Bin Laden’s Death?
  6. Charlottesville and America’s Original Sin
  7. College Campus “Safe Spaces”
  8. Corruption
  9. HHS Contraception Mandate
  10. HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American
  11. iGens
  12. ISIS and the Cross
  13. Kathy Griffin and the Vanishing of Argument
  14. Mother Angelica
  15. My Synod Intervention 10/11/18
  16. NBC Nightly News Interview 10/14/18
  17. On Appointment as Bishop
  18. Paul Ryan and Catholic Social Teaching
  19. Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
  20. Planned Parenthood and the Loss of Human Dignity
  21. Pope Benedict’s Trip to America
  22. Pope Benedict’s Visit to Germany
  23. Pope Francis and the Gospel of the Family
  24. Pope Francis and World Youth Day
  25. Pope Francis in America
  26. Pope Francis: Time Magazine’s Person of the Year
  27. Pride, Humility, and Social Media
  28. Q&A about the Sexual Abuse Crisis
  29. Religious Drifters
  30. Resisting Aggressive Secularism
  31. Senator Edward Kennedy
  32. September 11th: Anger and Forgiveness
  33. Shakespeare and the Fading of the Catholic World
  34. Steroids in Baseball
  35. Stephen Fry, Job, and Suffering
  36. The BP Oil Spill
  37. The Brit Hume Controversy
  38. The Childfree Life
  39. The Death of Billy Graham
  40. The Depressing Pew Forum Study
  41. The Financial Crisis
  42. The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon
  43. The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI
  44. The Pope Francis Interview
  45. The Prosperity Gospel
  46. The SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
  47. The Synod on the Family
  48. The Tragedy at Newton
  49. Transcending the Financial Crisis
  50. Trends in American Religion
  51. The Two Minus One Pregnancy
  52. The Vampire Craze
  53. The Vatican Investigation of American Nuns
  54. The Willis Tower
  55. Vatican II and the Power of the Laity
  56. Why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Still Matters
  57. “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” Viral Video
  58. Whey Remain Catholic? (With So Much Scandal)
  59. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #1
  60. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #2
  61. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #3
  62. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #4
  63. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #5
  64. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #6
  65. Word from Rome: Conclave Update #7
  66. World Youth Day
  67. World Youth Day 2016



  1. Against the YouTube Heresies (Part 1)
  2. Against the YouTube Heresies (Part 2)
  3. Answering the Skeptics (Part 1)
  4. Answering the Skeptics (Part 2)
  5. Answering the Skeptics (Part 3)
  6. Answering the Skeptics (Part 4)
  7. Answering the Skeptics (Part 5)
  8. Answering the Skeptics (Part 6)
  9. Atheism and Assisted Suicide
  10. Atheism and Philosophy
  11. Bill Maher’s “Religulous”
  12. Bill Nye and Philosophy
  13. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  14. Creation
  15. Faith and Reason
  16. God and Morality
  17. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part 1)
  18. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part 2)
  19. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part 3)
  20. God, the Tsunami, and the Problem of Evil
  21. Has Science Refuted Aristotelian Causality?
  22. Lumen Fidei
  23. Misreading Genesis
  24. Peter Hitchens and the “Rage Against God”
  25. Praying for Christopher Hitchens
  26. Religion and Happiness
  27. Religion and Science
  28. Religulous (Bill Maher)
  29. Scientism and God’s Existence
  30. Stephen Colbert and Providence
  31. Stephen Fry, Job, and Suffering
  32. Stephen Hawking and More Tired Atheism
  33. Stephen Hawking: The Theory of Everything
  34. The Argument from Desire
  35. The Difference God Makes by Cardinal Francis George
  36. The God Who Doesn’t Need Us
  37. The New Atheists
  38. The Religious “Nones”
  39. The Rise of the “Nones”
  40. Thomas Aquinas and the Argument from Motion
  41. Violence in the Bible
  42. What Faith Is and What Faith Isn’t
  43. Why Christians Leave Church
  44. Why Do We Believe in God?
  45. Why I Loved to Listen to Christopher Hitchens
  46. Why Is There So Much Disorder in the Universe?
  47. Why So Many Atheists are on the CNN Belief Blog
  48. Who God Is and Who God Is Not
  49. Zeitgeist The Movie



  1. Can God Be Both One and Many?
  2. Can We Completely Understand the Trinity?
  3. How Can Jesus Be Both God and Human?
  4. How Do We Know We Are Encountering God?
  5. How Does the Church Fit Into and Serve the Trinity?
  6. How Jesus is the Messiah
  7. Is the Truth of the Trinity Found in Scripture?
  8. John Dominic Crossan’s Strange Jesus
  9. So What About God?
  10. The Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus
  11. The Genealogy of Jesus
  12. The God Who Doesn’t Need Us
  13. The Holy Spirit
  14. The Meaning of the Trinity
  15. What Are the Most Common Views of God?
  16. What Images of God Are Present in the New Testament?
  17. What Images of God Are Present in the Old Testament?
  18. What Is the Trinity?
  19. Who Is Jesus?
  20. Who Jesus Truly Is



  1. A Persecuted Church and Its Heroes
  2. Advice to Priests in an Age of Scandal
  3. Anti-Catholicism
  4. Bishops, Cardinal George, and Pope Francis
  5. Black Elk and the Need for Catechesis
  6. Catholicism Series – Episode 6: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church
  7. Catholic Seminaries and Evangelization
  8. Christ Calls You To Mission
  9. Confirmation 1
  10. Confirmation 2
  11. Confirmation and Evangelization
  12. Confirmation Names
  13. “Dumbed Down” Catholicism
  14. Effective Evangelization
  15. Eucharistic Adoration
  16. Eucharist Book
  17. Eucharist DVD
  18. Evangelization with the Heart of a Shepherd
  19. Flannery O’Connor and the Eucharist
  20. Fulton Sheen – The Making of a New Evangelist
  21. How to Preach Like an Apostle
  22. How should we address spiritually dry periods?
  23. Israel, the Church, and the Law (Part 1)
  24. Israel, the Church, and the Law (Part 2)
  25. Leaving the Church
  26. New Media and Evangelization
  27. One More Empty Church
  28. Practical Evangelization Tips from Fulton Sheen
  29. Prayer
  30. Seven Great Qualities of a New Evangelist
  31. Silence and the Meaning of the Mass
  32. Social Justice and Evangelization
  33. Spiritual Food
  34. The Call-and-Response of the Mass
  35. The Church’s One Purpose
  36. The Disorienting Quality of Real Prayer
  37. The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church
  38. The iPhone Confession App and Return to Confession
  39. The Last Acceptable Prejudice
  40. The Lord’s Prayer
  41. The Mass
  42. The Next Generation of the Catholic Commentariat
  43. The New Translation of the Roman Missal
  44. The Prophet Ezekiel and the Sex Abuse Crisis
  45. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
  46. The Reform and the Renewal of Theology
  47. The Sacrament of Marriage
  48. The Vatican and the New Media
  49. What Gifts Does God Give the Catholic Church?
  50. What Helps Protestants Convert to Catholicism?
  51. Why Catholics Leave the Church
  52. Women in the Church



  1. Abortion and Health Care
  2. Abraham, Isaac, and Christ
  3. Apocalyptic Literature
  4. A Nation Under God; A Nation that Keeps the Sabbath
  5. Being Born Again
  6. Biblical Family Values
  7. Biblical Religion
  8. Blasphemy
  9. Catholic Relics
  10. Christianity and Ethics
  11. C.S. Lewis
  12. Caritas in Veritate
  13. Conscience and Morality
  14. Contraception and Social Change
  15. Daniel Berrigan and Non-Violence
  16. Extreme Demands, Extreme Mercy, Aadditional Commentary
  17. Evangelizing Through Beauty
  18. Evangelizing Through the Good
  19. Faith, Hope, and Love
  20. Gay Marriage and the Breakdown of Moral Argument
  21. Grace and Karma
  22. Hans Urs von Balthasar (part 1), Hans Urs von Balthasar (part 2)
  23. Hell
  24. Heroic Materialism
  25. Idolatry
  26. Is Hell Crowded or Empty?
  27. Judgment and the Lord God
  28. Love and Tolerance
  29. Love, Tolerance, and Making Distinctions
  30. Mark’s Gospel and the Victory of God
  31. Marriage and Relationships
  32. Martin Luther
  33. Mercy and the Cross (World Youth Day 2016)
  34. Modernity and Morality
  35. Morality, Character, and Relationships
  36. Nature and Grace
  37. Nature and the Biblical God
  38. On Art and the Glory of God
  39. Original Sin
  40. Pope Benedict and How to Read the Bible
  41. Pope Benedict and the Logic of Gratuity
  42. Pope Benedict as a Witness of God
  43. Pope Francis’ “Amoris Laetitia”
  44. Pope Francis and Catholic Social Teaching
  45. Pope Francis and Mercy
  46. Pope Francis and “The Joy of the Gospel”
  47. Pope Francis and “The Religious Sense”
  48. Pope Francis and Virtue Ethics
  49. Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Si”
  50. Pope Francis’ Message to Priests
  51. Porn and the Curse of Sexual Freedom
  52. Preaching the Gospel
  53. Protestantism and Authority
  54. Religious Liberty
  55. René Girard
  56. Sex, Love, and God
  57. Sexuality, Sacrifice, and Love
  58. Stephen Colbert and Providence
  59. Taking the Discipline
  60. The 10 Commandments
  61. The Book of Daniel
  62. The Book of Revelation
  63. The Buffered Self
  64. The Council of Trent
  65. The Devil
  66. The Development of Doctrine
  67. The Fall
  68. The Hookup Culture
  69. The Legacy of Cardinal Francis George
  70. The Limits of Tolerance
  71. The Meaning of Vatican II
  72. The Nativity of Luke’s Gospel
  73. The Parable of the Talents
  74. The Parable of the Wedding Banquet
  75. The Republican and Democratic Conventions
  76. The Resurrection of Jesus 1
  77. The Resurrection of Jesus 2
  78. The “Waze” of Providence
  79. The Woman at the Well
  80. Theology and the New Media
  81. Thomas Merton, Spiritual Master
  82. Vatican II: The Greatest Meeting of All Time
  83. Violence in the Bible
  84. What Faith Is and What Faith Isn’t
  85. What is Natural Law?
  86. What is the Kingdom of God?
  87. What You Believe Makes a Difference
  88. Why It Matters that Our Democracy Trusts in God
  89. Why It’s Okay to be Against Heresy
  90. Why the Ascension of the Lord Matters
  91. Wise Words from Pope Benedict



  1. A Great Time to Be a Priest
  2. Being a Priest Today
  3. Bishop Barron Goes to Baby Bishop School
  4. David and Spirituality of the Priesthood (Part 1)
  5. David and Spirituality of the Priesthood (Part 2)
  6. Heroic Priesthood
  7. How Should I Discern the Priesthood?
  8. Mundelein Seminary: The Calling
  9. Priestly Celibacy



  1. A Tale of Two Skulls
  2. All Saints Day
  3. Canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II
  4. Having a “Personal Relationship” with Jesus
  5. Mother Teresa and Her Sisters
  6. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  7. Mundelein Seminary Presents: Blessed John Paul II
  8. Mundelein Seminary Presents: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
  9. Mundelein Seminary Presents: Our Lady of Guadalupe
  10. Mundelein Seminary Presents: St. Thomas Aquinas
  11. Pier Giorgio Frassati
  12. Procession for Our Lady of Guadalupe
  13. Satellites and Praying to the Saints
  14. St. Charles Lwanga
  15. St. John Paul II’s “Lessons in Hope”
  16. St. Patrick and St. Joseph
  17. St. Paul and the Mission of the Church
  18. St. Peter and St. Paul
  19. St. Therese of Lisieux
  20. St. Thomas Aquinas
  21. St. Thomas More and the Bishop of Rome
  22. The Calling of the Disciples
  23. The Canonization of Junípero Serra
  24. The Cave-Dwelling Kid Who Changed the World
  25. The Indecipherable Writing of St. Thomas Aquinas
  26. The Queenship of Mary
  27. Two Radical, Converted Disciples
  28. Which saint biographies do you recommend?, Link for: Louis de Wohl novels
  29. Why Are Some Saints Called Doctors of the Church?
  30. Why Pope John XXIII is a Saint
  31. Why Pray to the Saints?



  1. Christmas (1)
  2. Christmas (2)
  3. Christmas Message
  4. Lent
  5. New Year’s Resolutions
  6. Palm Sunday
  7. The Advent Revolution
  8. The Best Thing You Can Do in the Year of Mercy
  9. The Fourth of July
  10. The Meaning of Easter
  11. The Spirituality of Advent
  12. What’s Unique about Advent?



  1. Ambassador Program Invitation
  2. An Evening with Dr. William Lane Craig
  3. Bishop Barron’s Coat of Arms
  4. Fr. Barron’s Five Favorite Books
  5. Hospitalland
  6. Looking at the Dome of St. Peter’s
  7. Thank you for 10 million views on YouTube!
  8. The Colosseum
  9. The Danger of Turning Religion Into a “Toy”
  10. Word on Fire in Mexico: At Our Lady of Guadalupe
  11. Word on Fire in Mexico: Day 1
  12. Word on Fire in Mexico: Greetings in Spanish



  1. An Epic TV & DVD Series, Book & Study Program
  2. Archbishop Timothy Dolan
  3. At the Isenheim Crucifixion by Grünewald
  4. At the Prado in Madrid
  5. At the Tomb of St. John of the Cross
  6. Background on the Project
  7. Cardinal George Blesses the Word on Fire Headquarters
  8. Catholicism Series – Episode 6: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church
  9. Catholicism Series Trailer 1Catholicism Series Trailer 2
  10. Catholicism Week – Reflections and Stories
  11. David the King
  12. David the King – Testimonials
  13. David the King – Trailer
  14. Filming on the Edge of the World
  15. Golfer Chip Beck
  16. In Avila, Spain
  17. In Chartes, France
  18. In Cologne, Germany
  19. In Jerusalem
  20. In Lisieux, France
  21. In New York City
  22. In Orvieto, Italy
  23. In Paris, France (Part 1), In Paris, France (Part 2)
  24. Inspirational CD Set
  25. Introducing the New WordonFire.org
  26. Missionary Journey to Ireland
  27. Missionary Journey to Scotland
  28. Priest, Prophet, King DVD trailer
  29. Priest, Prophet, King Promo
  30. Priest, Prophet, King Sample – Lesson 1
  31. Promo Spot
  32. Reaction to the Private Screening of Episode One
  33. Reflection on 10 Years of “Catholicism”
  34. Roundtable Discussion
  35. Series Highlights
  36. Talking to Cardinal Foley
  37. The Chicago Premiere
  38. The Mystery of God sample (lesson 1)
  39. The Mystery of God trailer
  40. The Notre Dame Rose Window
  41. The Pivotal Players: Avignon
  42. The Pivotal Players: Introduction
  43. The Pivotal Players: Monte Cassino
  44. The Pivotal Players: On the Train
  45. The Pivotal Players: Palace of the Popes
  46. The Pivotal Players: Paris
  47. The Pivotal Players: Siena
  48. The Pivotal Players: St. Catherine of Siena
  49. The Pivotal Players: St. Thomas Aquinas
  50. The Pivotal Players Trailer
  51. Update from Rome
  52. Where One Saint Baptized Another
  53. Word on Fire – Testimony


Greg and Kate Aitchison with Fr. Barron after Catholic Celebration in St. Paul, MN, 2013

I had the privilege of helping pick up Fr. Barron at the airport for the 2013 Catholic Celebration in St. Paul, MN.

I wore a large, foam cowboy hat so that Fr. Barron could easily spot me. I felt really cool.