"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Free Stuff

FREE stuff? Really???

Yup! Check ’em out below:

  1. RediscoverApp.comApp for your iPhone, iPad, and Android stock full of all kinds of great Catholic stuff
  2. DynamicCatholic.comBooks, CDs, DVDs, Mass journals
  3. EWTN.com – Audio talks: Library Series Index, Search Page
  4. SalvationHistory.comFree Online Classes
  5. Catholicity.comAudio talks on CD, Catholic Novels
  6. OurCatholicFaith.orgPeter Kreeft talks (scroll to bottom of page)
  7. BibleChristianSociety.comCatholic Apologetics audio talks
  8. Focus.orgFaith Journey Booklets and audio talks
  9. AmericanCatholicTruthSociety.comArchbishop Fulton Sheen audio talks
  10. CatholicAudio.blogspot.comCatholic audio talks (search by topic or by speaker)
  11. SaintsFavoriteBooks.com – Free e-book listing many of the saints’ favorite books of all time