"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2


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Personal and Project Update Winter 2019

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  1. Jesus – Learning Targets (PDF)
  2. Top10ThingstoKnowAboutJesus (Word doc)
  3. Words of Wisdom from a Theologian and a Saint Keynote (PDF)



  1. Link to purchase DVD: Footprints of God: Jesus DVD (Ignatius Press/Steve Ray)
  2. Jesus DVD – Chapter 1 worksheet (PDF), Jesus DVD – Chapter 1 worksheet (with DVD notes) (PDF)
  3. Jesus DVD – Chapter 2 worksheet (PDF), Jesus DVD – Chapter 2 worksheet (with DVD notes) (PDF)
  4. Jesus DVD – Chapter 3 worksheet (PDF), Jesus DVD – Chapter 3 worksheet (with DVD notes) (PDF)
  5. Jesus DVD – Chapter 4 worksheet (PDF), Jesus DVD – Chapter 4 worksheet (with DVD notes) (PDF)
  6. The Finding in the Temple – What a Caravan Might Have Looked Like (pic)
  7. The Passion of the Christ – Agony in the Garden (video web link)
  8. Mother Teresa’s “I Thirst” Crucifix (pic)
  9. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (PDF)
  10. INRI Explanation (PDF)
  11. The Crucifixion in The Isenheim Altarpiece by Mathis Gothart Grünewald (PDF), The Crucifixion in The Isenheim Altarpiece Information (PDF)
  12. Joshua 24:15 Door Knocker at the Aitchison house (pic)



  1. The Resurrection of Jesus Class Notes & Apologetics HW (PDF)
  2. Resurrection Theories (PDF), Believe it or not, people actually believe some of these evidence-lacking resurrection theories! (PDF)
  3. Resurrection Possibilities (PDF)
  4. Resurrection Apologetics worksheet (PDF), Resurrection Apologetics with Peter Kreeft answers (PDF)
  5. One of the Resurrection Theories’ Strongest Rebuttals (PDF), List of Christian martyrs – Wikipedia (PDF)



  1. Intro to C.S. Lewis Keynote (PDF)
  2. TrilemmaAudio (Word doc), Trilemma Audio – Fr. Larry Richards (audio), Trilemma Audio – Fr. Robert Barron (audio)
  3. Trilemma Class Notes (PDF), Trilemma Class Notes Keynote (PDF)
  4. Lord, Liar, or Lunatic Keynote (extra info) (PDF)



  1. John 21:25 – Not enough room for all the books Comic (PDF)
  2. Rediscover Catholicism Prologue (PDF)
  3. Jesus Commitment Card – Information and Instructions (PDF)
  4. JesusCommitmentCard (Word doc)
  5. Jesus Test Study Guide (PDF)
  6. Jesus Crossword Puzzle (PDF)
  7. JesusC-a-T (Word doc)



  1. Catholicism DVD Episode 1 Note-Taking Guide (PDF)
  2. Are the Gospels Myth? by Carl Olson (PDF)
  3. 10 Problems with Jesus (PDF)
  4. 10 Things You May Not Know About Jesus (PDF)
  5. The Divinity of Christ by Peter Kreeft (PDF)
  6. The Uniqueness of Christianity by Peter Kreeft (PDF)
  7. The Story of Farmer John HW & Story (PDF)
  8. Jesus’ Obituary (PDF)