"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2


As I’ve said before, discovering Christian music changed my life. It’s not like I was a hell-raiser before finding it, but I definitely wasn’t living my life with much purpose or depth. When I finally gave Christian music a chance it swept me off my feet and drew me deeper into a life with more meaning, fulfillment, and happiness. I should probably write a letter to each Christian artist that has helped me pray, get me through tough times, and inspired me to be a better me, but for now I’m hoping this bit of advertising will do them some good.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit there’s a lot of bland, shallow, 4-chorded Christian music out there, but from my own experience I truly believe that a little bit of searching will yield great results. To help you get started I’d like to provide a few playlists of some of my favorite Christian songs and ones that my students seemed to really enjoy. You can also click HERE to see a full listing of songs that I have enjoyed over the years (ever since receiving a free CD from my high school Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle leader way back in 1996!). Some of these songs are 10+ years old, others are relatively new. Some are deep and serious, while others are light and fun. Some might be right up your alley, and others just might not be for you. Whatever the case, please do yourself a favor and check out a song or two to see if you like ’em. If you do, support the artist by downloading them, and then tell a friend or sibling about them. My hope and prayer is that you will be as richly blessed by some of these songs as I’ve been!

In Christ,

JESUS IN THE HIZOUSE! – A totally lit, Jesus-rockin’ dose of Christian ear snacks!

PUMP UP (Jesus-Style) – Jesus songs to get you PUMPED UP.

PRAISIN’ JESUS – Songs to praise Jesus with!

JESUS GANGSTA RAP – Top-notch rap that’s about more than just drugs, money, girls, and violence.

STUDENT DISCOVERIES – A playlist of Christian songs discovered by students of mine.

TOP CHRISTIAN – “The best mix of today’s Christian music worldwide!” (created by Spotify)