"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Odds ‘n Ends

Study Tips visual

  1. Utilize your learning styles! (web link)
  2. Interact with your study guide: Good Examples (PDF)
  3. Secret Study Hacks (PDF)


Kings and Queens Review Game Instructions

Kings and Queens Review Game Instructions (PDF)

Museum Tour pic

Museum Tour Expectations (PDF)


Hotseat Rules and Regulations

  1. Hotseat Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  2. How to Play Hotseat (PDF)
  3. Hotseat Scoreboard to Write On (PDF)


Riddles image

  1. Riddles (PDF)


Taking Class Notes - white border

  1. Blank Loose Leaf Paper – Blue lines (PDF)
  2. Blank Loose Leaf Paper – Black lines (PDF)
  3. Blank Paper (PDF)


Online Stopwatch/Timer (web link)