"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Student Picks

Hey! Have an awesome Christian song that you think others would like? Send me an e-mail (contact info can be found here) with the artist’s name, song name, and a description of what you like about the song and how it’s “Jesusy”. If it has a cool music video that goes with it, please send that link as well!


  1. “Avalanche” by Manafest – This song is cool because the refrain is, “I am the prodigal man of this avalanche”. In the Bible the prodigal son was the son who was disobedient and blew all his money. Then he repented and came back to his father (God). So this song is basically saying, “I’ve been wrong, but I want to repent so help me out of this avalanche I started”. (Hat tip to Carson Knoer, OLG Class of 2013)
  2. “Move Me” by MercyMe – I really like this song because of its upbeat attitude. Also, it teaches the message of always trusting in God and remembering that He is with us. (Hat tip to Tommy McCoy, OLG Class of 2013)
  3. “Don’t Have Love” by Holly Starr – This is a good, uplifting song that talks about how you can have everything the world offers (“You can have money, and cool friends, a ring on your left hand…”) but still be left empty unless you have love (God). (Hat tip to Dani Alfonzo, OLG Class of 2013)
  4. “He Said” by Group 1 Crew (featuring Chris August) – I love this song because it is telling us that we always sin and will never be perfect. In the lyric, “I will let you bend, but I won’t let you break” I think of going to Confession, because God strengthens us again and prevents us from “breaking”. (Hat tip to Grace Moran, OLG Class of 2013)
  5. “Forgiveness” by tobyMac (featuring Lecrae) – I really like this song because whenever I listen to it it reminds me that I am only human and we all want the same thing and that is to be forgiven. It is also very catchy and one of those songs that you want to sing along to. (Hat tip to Maddie Schaeppi, OLG Class of 2013)
  6. “Amazing Life” by Britt Nicole – I heard the song Amazing Life on the radio the other day that I don’t think people would realize was Christian until the lyrics hit them. She talks about “him” which most people would think is a boy but it’s actually God. I feel like I found a Christian diamond in the pop culture rough with this song. (Hat tip to Chad Scriver, OLG Class of 2013)
  7. “King in Me” by W.L.A.K. – I saw this song on the top charts and was immediately interested because I had never heard of W.L.A.K. I listened to the song and thought it was exceptionally good. After listening to it over and over I realized the main messages of the song were Christian. One of the lines from this song that really stuck out to me is: “The same spirit that in truth raised Christ from the dead
, the same spirit lives in you when you rise from the bed.” (Hat tip to William Mayleben, OLG Class of 2013)
  8. “Human” by Manafest – This song is one of my favorites because I think we can all relate to it so much. It’s all about how we are human and screw up time and time again, yet need to try and get up and stay close to God. (Hat tip to Patrick Quinn, OLG Class of 2013)
  9. “Change” by Lecrae – This song talks about how money and fame don’t make you popular. It has a very catchy beat, and a great message! (Hat tip to Drew Torrance, OLG Class of 2013)
  10. “I Saw God Today” by George Strait – I like this song because it talks about this guy that has a wife that is giving birth to a child in the hospital and then he goes outside for fresh air. He sees a flower in the concrete and everything around him becomes quiet. He thinks about God and how he goes to Church and reads the Bible, but he knows that he should think about God more than he does. When he returns to the hospital he sees his new baby as yet another miracle from God that he has seen that day. (Hat tip to Samantha Burke, OLG Class of 2014)
  11. “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia – This song is all about not worrying or stressing about what’s going on in life because, as the song says, “Heaven has a plan for  you”. (Hat tip to Paige Greeley, OLG Class of 2014)
  12. “Rebel (Intro)” by Lecrae – When I first heard this song I learned something I had never thought about before: to be a rebel today you have to be good. As Lecrae says, “Everyone is sinning, so it’s no longer a rebellion to sin”. This is so true in our American culture. Everyone is sinning all the time, so if you really want to be a rebel go read your Bible and try and become a saint. No one is doing that anymore. (Hat tip to Rory Murnan, OLG Class of 2014)
  13. All music by Lecrae – I used to think that Jesus music was all old with pianos and organs, without any beats, and everything was just high-pitched choirs singing “Alleluia”. But Lecrae has everything popular rap and hip-hop have today without all the bad messages. I was shocked when I first heard Don’t Waste Your Life in religion class because the song had everything that I liked in music, plus Jesus! Ever since finding Lecrae I’ve completely cleaned up my music, and have begun to realize that I don’t need all the popular clothes and cars to make me happy in life and that swearing doesn’t make you cool. Lecrae could have easily rapped about drinking and partying and become more popular, but as he says himself, “I care about impacting people, not impressing people.” (Hat tip to Jack Kotok, OLG Class of 2014)