"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

The Saints

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  1. Saints Q&A Intro Questions (PDF)
  2. Saints Q&A HW Keynote (PDF), SaintsQ&A (Word doc)
  3. Saints Q&A In-Class Notes Keynote (PDF), Saints Q&A In-Class Notes (PDF), Steps to Sainthood Keynote (PDF)
  4. Saints in the OLG Altar In-Class Notes Keynote (PDF), Saints in the OLG Altar In-Class Notes (PDF)
  5. St. Ignatius of Loyola & Saints We’re Going to Learn About Intro (PDF)
  6. Saints Unit Rundown (PDF)
  1. Rediscover Catholicism – Saints Intro (PDF), Rediscover Catholicism – Saints Unit Intro HW (PDF)
  2. A Year of Saints poster (Saints Calendar) (PDF), Russian Icon Saint Calendar (PDF)
  3. Purgatory Explained 1 (PDF), Purgatory Explained 2 (PDF)
  4. Litany of the Saints by Matt Maher (web link), Litany of Saints at JP2’s Funeral (web link)
  5. Patron Saints List (web link), Top 20 Odd Patronages of Saints (PDF)
  6. Top 35 Saints Names Rarely Picked for Confirmation (PDF)
  7. Saints Crossword Puzzle – 1 (PDF)



*The Saints Keynote PDF

St. Mary & St. Joseph

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Mary (PDF)
  2. Mary HW (PDF)
  3. Feast Days & Months for Mary (PDF)
  4. Names for Mary (PDF)
  5. Why We Should Love the Virgin Mary (video web link)
  6. Why Do Catholics Honor Mary – Chris Stefanick (video web link)
  7. The Most Holy Mother of God – Bible Illustrated (video web link)
  1. *The Saints Keynote – Joseph (PDF)
  2. Joseph HW (PDF)
  3. Prayer to St. Joseph for a Happy Death (PDF)

St. Peter & St. Paul

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Peter (PDF)
  2. Peter HW (PDF)
  3. Pope Name Sporcle Challenge (web link)
  4. List of Popes – Wikipedia (web link), Pope Poster (PDF)
  5. Roman Numerals 101 (video web link)
  6. St. Paul Outside the Walls Church – Popes 1 (PDF), Popes 2 (PDF), Popes 3 (PDF)
  7. Virtual Tour of St. Peter’s Basilica (web link)
  8. Domine, Quo Vadis? (Lord, Where Are You Going?) (PDF)
  1. *The Saints Keynote – Paul (PDF)
  2. Paul HW (PDF)
  3. The Cathedral of St. Paul – Photo Album (web link)
  4. St. Paul’s Missionary Journeys (PDF)
  5. St. Peter and St. Paul – Icon (PDF), Saints Peter and Paul by El Greco (PDF)

The 12 Apostles

  1. *The Saints Keynote – The 12 Apostles (PDF)
  2. Sporcle Challenge – The 12 Apostles (web link)
  3. The 12 Apostles HW (PDF)
  4. The 12 Apostles’ Symbols (PDF)
  5. The 12 Apostles – Symbol Recognition Practice (PDF)
  6. The 12 Apostles’ Video Rhyme HW PDF (PDF)
  7. The 12 Apostles Rhyme by Maddie the Gnome (video web link)
  8. The 12 Apostles Rhyme – Super Fast! (video web link)

St. Valentine


St. Sebastian

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Sebastian (PDF)
  2. SebastianHW (Word doc)
  3. St. Sebastian Catacombs (PDF)

St. Monica & St. Augustine

  1. St. Augustine Keynote (PDF), St. Augustine – Class Notes (PDF)
  2. Summary of the Life of Augustine (video web link)
  3. Matt Wertz – I’m Sorry Mary (video web link)
  4. AugustineinMusic (Word doc), Augustine in Music lyrics (PDF)
  5. Matt Maher – Alive Again (video web link), Switchfoot – Something More (video web link)
  1. *The Saints Keynote – Monica & Augustine (PDF)
  2. Monica&AugustineHW (Word doc)
  3. Restless Heart movie trailer (video web link)
  4. Empty Heart Dude with St. Augustine quote – Big Poster (PDF)
  5. St. Augustine dropping truth bombs (pic), The Conversion of St. Augustine (in Memes) (pic)

St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Francis & Clare (PDF)
  2. Saints Behaving Badly – St. Francis of Assisi (PDF), St. Francis of Assisi worksheet (PDF)
  3. St. Francis of Assisi Keynote (PDF)
  4. Pope Francis Keynote (PDF)
  5. Francis & Clare class notes (PDF), Francis & Clare class notes – with answers (PDF)
  6. St. Clare of Assisi Keynote (PDF)
  7. San Damiano Crucifix (PDF)
  8. Prayer of St. Francis (PDF), The Canticle of the Sun (PDF)
  9. St. Clare of Assisi sermon – annotated (PDF)
  10. Pictures – Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy (PDF), Fransiscan Friday in Assisi (Sunset) (PDF)

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Joan of Arc

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Joan of Arc (PDF)
  2. Joan of Arc HW (PDF), Joan of Arc HW – with video answers (PDF)

St. Ignatius of Loyola

  1. St. Ignatius of Loyola & Saints We’re Going to Learn About Intro (PDF)
  2. *The Saints Keynote – Ignatius of Loyola (PDF)
  3. The Olive (the life of St. Ignatius as told by an olive) (video web link)
  4. St. Ignatius Rap Video (video web link)

St. John Vianney

  1. *The Saints Keynote – John Vianney (PDF)
  2. JohnVianney (Word doc)

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

  1. Therese click me.001

St. Maria Goretti

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Maria Goretti (PDF)
  2. MariaGoretti (Word doc)
  3. Prayer before a date – St. Maria Goretti (PDF)
  4. The Apologist – Maria Goretti lyrics (PDF)

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Pier Giorgio Frassati (PDF), PierGiorgioFrassatiHW (Word doc)
  2. Pier Giorgio Frassati – Class Notes (PDF)
  3. Pier Giorgio Frassati – Group Activity (PDF), Highlights from the Life of Pier Giorgio Frassati (PDF)
  4. Rio’s World Youth Day in Numbers (video web link), World Youth Day – Rio de Janeiro 2013 (PDF)
  5. PGTopTidbits (Word doc)
  6. Sacrament Man Video (video web link)
  7. Fr. Barron commenting on the symbolism of Pier Giorgio Frassati stained-glass window (video web link)

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Gianna Molla (PDF)
  2. GiannaMollaHW (Word doc)

St. Mother Teresa

  1. *The Saints Keynote – Mother Teresa (PDF)
  2. Mother Teresa – Class Notes (PDF), Mother Teresa – Class Notes (with answers) (PDF)
  3. Mother Teresa Keynote (PDF)
  4. Mother Teresa – True Poverty (video web link)
  5. The Secret Life of Mother Teresa – Time Magazine Cover (PDF), Mother Teresa – Where Did God Go? (video web link)
  6. How Should We Address Spiritually Dry Periods? (video web link)
  1. Greatest Saints of the 20th Century – Kreeft quote (PDF)
  2. Mother Teresa – One Wish (PDF)
  3. Finding Joy in the Darkest Night (PDF), The Secret Life of Mother Teresa (PDF)
  4. Still, Small Voice (PDF)
  5. Fr. Barron comments on Mother Teresa and her Sisters (video web link)
  6. The First Animation of the Life of St. Mother Teresa (video web link)

St. John Paul the Great

  1. *The Saints Keynote – John Paul the Great (PDF)
  2. Witness to Hope DVD trailer (video web link), JP2 Witness to Hope DVD guide (PDF), Witness to Hope DVD notes – completed (PDF)
  3. Rome Pilgrimage 2004 (PDF)
  4. JP2’s Funeral – “Santo Subito!” (“Saint soon!”) PDF
  5. Pope John Paul II by Chris Stefanick (video web link)
  6. JP2 Quick Reference Guide (PDF), JP2 Quick Reference Guide – with answers (PDF)
  7. The Life of John Paul II (video web link), The Life of John Paul II – video notes (PDF)
  8. Key Gestures in the Life of John Paul II (video web link)
  9. 34 Ways to Have an Epic Life – The Greatness of John Paul the Great (PDF)
  10. Pope Action Comics – JP2 1981 (PDF)
  11. Best Kept Secrets of John Paul II Revealed (video web link)
  12. Secretly Skiing Saint (PDF), Skiing History article on JP2 (PDF)
  13. 26 Years of World Youth Day (video web link)
  14. Famous John Paul II Quotes (PDF)
  15. Saint John Paul II, the Life of a Holy Pope cartoon (video web link)

Blessed Chiara Luce Badano

  1. Chiara Luce Badano pics (PDF)
  2. ChiaraLuceBadano (Word doc)
  3. Chiara Luce Badano (video web link)



  1. Saint Video Project Information (PDF), Saint Video Project Rubric (PDF)
  2. Choosing a Confirmation Saint (PDF)
  3. SaintVideoProjectResearch (Word doc)
  4. SaintVideoProjectScript (Word doc)
  5. Saint Video Project Peer Review 1 (PDF), Saint Video Project Peer Review 2 (PDF)
  6. ChangesMadetoVideo (Word doc)
  7. BAD Video Example – Blessed Chiara Luce Badano (video web link)
  8. Good Video Example – Blessed Chiara Luce Badano (video web link)
  9. Video Recording Tutorial using Keynote and Quicktime (video web link)
  10. Saint Project Student Note-Taking Guide (PDF)
  11. Saint Video Project – Parent Signature (PDF)

Suggested saint research websites:

  1. EWTN – http://www.ewtn.com/saintsholy/
  2. Benzinger Saints Resource – http://saintsresource.com/saints-index-alphabetical/
  3. New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia – http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/
  4. The Original Catholic Encyclopedia – http://oce.catholic.com/index.php?title=Saints_Index
  5. Holy Spirit Interactive – http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net/dailysaint/
  6. Saints.SQPN – http://saints.sqpn.com/
  7. American Catholic – http://www.americancatholic.org/features/saints/byname.aspx
  8. Roman Catholic Saints – http://www.roman-catholic-saints.com/
  9. Catholic Online – http://www.catholic.org/saints/
  10. The SaintCast (iTunes Podcast) – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/saintcast-catholic-saints/id129577744
  11. Biggest & Best List of Saints – Lifeteen (PDF)



  1. Saints Mid-Unit Test Study Guide (PDF)
  2. Saints Recap (PDF)
  3. Guess the Saint Game (PDF)
  4. Saints End-of-Unit Test Study Guide (PDF)
  5. Saints Crossword Puzzle (PDF)
  6. SaintsC-a-T (Word doc)
  7. Saints List for End-of-Unit Litany Prayer (PDF)



  1. The Saints Were As Strange As You Are – And You Can Be As Holy As They Were (PDF)
  2. The Saints Were As Strange As You Are – And You Can Be As Holy As They Were HW (PDF)
  3. SaintsTestEssay (Word doc)
  4. #Saints (PDF)
  5. Which American Saint Are You? – Online Quiz (web link)
  6. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Saints (video web link)