"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

This Website


CatholicReligionTeacher.com went under construction in August, 2011, with the primary purpose of serving the students and parents at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Edina, MN. This website is also being developed for any catechists across the globe who are looking for extra teaching resources and ideas. And finally, those curious about the Catholic faith or in search of some good quotes, articles, videos, pictures, etc., will certainly enjoy rummaging through the pages on this site.



Let me just say this from the outset: I don’t have a background in website development and I’m already a full-time husband, father, and teacher. My hope is to slowly build this website as my students and I work our way through different units each school year. At this point about 75% of the site is complete. My goal is to continue building as I go and to one day have it fully filled-out for the use of anyone and everyone (teachers, students, and anyone else interested in the Catholic faith). Thanks ahead of time for your patience!

If you have any ideas, links, or resources that you’d like to pass along, please do so! (contact information can be found here) Otherwise, enjoy what you find and thanks for your patience as the finishing touches continue to be made.

In Christ,
Greg Aitchison