"Become a saint, and do so quickly!" – JP2

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Father Mike Schmitz is a priest for the Diocese of Duluth, MN. He currently runs the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and is also the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the diocese. Known nationally for his inspiring homilies, consistent hilarity, and genuine coolness, Father Mike is quickly becoming a Catholic household name in America.

Lucky for me, my wife grew up in the same town as Father Mike (Brainerd, MN) and has been friends of his and his family ever since she was a wee little one. We were privileged to have Father Mike celebrate our wedding Mass (see homily below!) and we continue to enjoy catching up with him whenever he’s in the Brainerd area and not already scheduled to hang out with his 8 million other friends (he seriously probably knows that many people – by name!).

Please do yourself a favor and take a looksie below at some of the awesome Jesusy goodness that Father Mike has to offer. And, because he’d probably want me to say this, do him a favor and throw a prayer or two his way when you get the chance!



This is one of the best kept secrets of the 21st century (yes, I just said that): Since 2007 Father Mike has been posting homilies of his that I guarantee will rock your socks. If you’ve ever wished to hear a better homily while at Mass, well, here you go. 250 homilies and counting… all free and for the taking. Please, do yourself a gigantic favor right now and subscribe to Father Mike’s homilies. Seriously. I triple-dog dare ya.

  1. Father Mike Schmitz iTunes page (web link)
  2. Father Mike Schmitz Homilies (web link)
  3. How to download Father Mike homilies (video web link)
  4. A Sampling of Father Mike Homily Reviews (PDF)

My wedding homily: 



Father Mike is a frequent columnist for the Diocese of Duluth’s newspaper, The Northern Cross. He’s written dozens of articles answering questions sent his way. Check ‘em out here or browse below!

  1. Who does it hurt?
  2. Receiving the Eucharist
  3. Distractions in prayer
  4. Married without children
  5. “O.M.G.”
  6. Is Christmas a pagan holiday?
  7. Do I have to raise my kids in the Catholic faith?
  8. Why don’t Catholics eat meat during Lent?
  9. Will there be animals in Heaven?
  10. Why do Catholics venerate the body of dead saints?
  11. Do we need Confession?
  12. God a “He”?
  13. Remorse vs. repentance
  14. Do not judge?
  15. Cremation
  16. Formula prayers give us words when we need them
  17. Satan
  18. Old Testament laws
  19. Discerning your vocation
  20. Defining homosexuality
  21. Where to draw the line in the media
  22. Keeping holy the Sabbath day
  23. Is Heaven really “Heaven” if even one person is not there?
  24. Do I have faith?
  25. Mean God?
  26. The Shack
  27. Conservative Catholic?
  28. The precepts of the Church
  29. The Church and suicide
  30. The “One, True Church”?
  31. Choosing God, not blaming Him
  32. Centering Prayer
  33. Going deeper in prayer
  34. What to do when prayer feels more like work
  35. The need for purgatory
  36. Tattoos and Christians
  37. Can a Christian fight in war?
  38. Pro-choice Catholic?
  39. Can we get married outside?
  40. “God made me this way”
  41. American Catholic
  42. “I Believe…”
  43. Why don’t same-sex couples have a right to marry?
  44. Same-Sex Marriage Laws force the Church to ‘Fuss’
  45. What’s the problem with contraception?
  46. How is Natural Family Planning different from contraception?
  47. “Love your enemies and pray for those who hate you…”
  48. Mind Wandering at Mass? Try being more active.
  49. Before You Go to “Communion” at Another Church…
  50. Examining the Role of Conscience in Making Moral Decisions
  51. Being “Spiritual But Not Religious” Carries Consequences
  52. Angry With God? Tell Him How You Feel
  53. You Can Bring Someone Back to the Faith–But First…
  54. How to Make the Most of the Christmas Season
  55. Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Does Not Make One a Bigot
  56. Struggling to Believe is Not the Same Thing as Doubting
  57. Forgiveness Might Not Erase Pain, But It Sets You Free
  58. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?” – Prayer, Action Help Ease Anxiety
  59. In Confession, Priest Sees Mercy, Love, and Humility
  60. Contraception Turns Acts of Love Into Lie
  61. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – Far From Founding Fathers’ Call for Happiness
  62. Why Does God Allow People to Commit Evil Acts?
  63. What If God Revealed Himself Completely to Us?
  64. Advice for When the Unexpected Happens
  65. Annulment criteria – Did a sacramental marriage exist?
  66. Marriage and annulments – Continuing the discussion
  67. Despair errs because of one thought – Life is worth living
  68. Don’t fear that your prayers don’t make a difference
  69. God’s will includes complex process of making choices
  70. Guilt and shame can lead to changing for the good
  71. Horoscopes and fortune cookies – All in good fun?
  72. Indulgences? Yep. Remedies to bring us back to God
  73. It’s time to get serious about halting the porn epidemic
  74. Must I ‘fess up’ to a person I’ve wronged?
  75. Q&A – Penance isn’t to punish, but to heal and strengthen
  76. Seeking Answers
  77. Sin isn’t a necessary evil; aim to know goodness well
  78. There’s much to consider before offering an opinion
  79. Tips to help you go to confession
  80. To break bad habits, we need God’s grace, people’s support
  81. What did Jesus look like, and does it matter?
  82. What’s wrong with playing violent video games?
  83. Who is in heaven? Answer is — ‘We just don’t know’
  84. 8 Tips for an Awesome Confession



Fr. Mike's Duck Face - Steubenville 2013

  1. OLG Shoutout
  2. Phil 4:13 Inspiration
  3. They’re Playing My Song
  4. Disney World
  5. Eucharist
  6. Word Became Flesh
  7. Chinese Punk Rock
  8. Transformation – Loon
  9. Theology of the Body 1
  10. Theology of the Body 2
  11. How to Discern
  12. Homily at Steubenville
  13. Be Not Afraid
  14. Theology of the Body talk
  15. Chosen – Confirmation Video by Ascension Press
  16. Saturday Homily, Steubenville 2013
  17. I Love You, Too
  18. The Truth
  19. Steubenville northwest, 2013 – Saturday adoration homily
  20. Steubenville northwest, 2013 – Saturday homily
  21. Steubenville St. Louis, 2014 – Saturday workshop
  22. Steubenville St. Louis, 2014 – Saturday homily
  23. Steubenville main campus, 2014 – Saturday night general session
  24. SEEK 2015 – The Hour that Will Change Your Life
  25. Altaration
  26. I Will Follow (vocation video)
  27. Talk at McHenry County Catholic Prayer Breakfast
  28. What’s Your Why?





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