The Super Super Bowl Coffee Contest!

I love the Super Bowl.

There’s snacks, funny commercials, a gathering of family and/or friends, and of course, football (which I really enjoy). 😁

So in honor of this event which has a special place in my heart, I’ll be hosting a fun giveaway each year called The Super Super Bowl Coffee Contest!

This guy must really like coffee… 😆

Here’s how it works:

Teachers on my email list (see note below about this) are sent an email asking them to pick:

a) who they think is going to win,
b) how many points they think that team will win by, and (in the case of a tie)
c) how many total passing yards (both teams combined) will be racked up during the big game.

The three teachers with the closest picks (starting with the winning team, then point spread, and then total passing yards) each win a $10 Starbucks gift card!

Please note: Like my other giveaways, only members of The CRT Crew ( email subscribers) are eligible for this giveaway. So, if you’re not yet a part of this awesome community, be sure to GET SIGNED UP so you don’t miss out on free coffee or any other goodies throughout the year! 👍 👍

So, be sure to check your inbox in early February for an invitation to participate in the next Super Super Bowl Coffee Contest!

Here’s to football and free coffee!

In Christ,

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