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What I couldn’t find at Target…

Once upon a time my daughter (Mary) and I made a trip to Target to load up on snacks for the Super Bowl.

On our way to get ingredients for 7-layer dip we happened to pass by this:

We were surrounded by boxes of chocolates, Valentine’s Day cards, those fun candy hearts with messages printed on them, and My Little Pony Cherry Scented bookmarks. 😂

There were DOZENS of shelves full of Valentine’s Day candy and knick-knacks.

And yet, something was missing…

Rather, someONE was missing!

I know, not a huge surprise, right?

But it got me thinking about how so many of our holidays (HOLY-days) have deteriorated into nothing more than food and fanfare.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a lot of the food and fanfare, but it pains me to see the Good News so often get swept under the rug.

That said… 

We can’t just sit back, complain, and let the current state of the world steal the hope and joy God wants us to live with. 

Instead, we should do our best to remind those close to us of the grace-filled significance behind so many of our national holidays!

And so I say:

Let’s enjoy the candy, the cards, and the classroom parties, but let’s also do our part by helping others remember the SAINT behind Saint Valentine’s Day!

If you have St. Valentine resources already, outstanding! Even a 10-minute lesson with a St. Valentine prayer would be better than nothing.

However, if you’re in the need of something fun, informative, and super easy to teach, I’ve got ya covered!

This is a bundle of resources that will help your students learn the story of St. Valentine and reflect on ways to keep the saint part of St. Valentine’s Day in St. Valentine’s Day. 😉 😇

Here’s what teachers are saying:

“Great resource for a quick, informative lesson! I loved the reflection piece and so did my students. It helped them to see St. Valentine’s Day in a better light and understand their call to service.”

– Samantha R.

“Great resource to use when teaching the meaning behind St. Valentine’s Day!”

– Christine G.


– Angelina S.

With this St. Valentine’s Day resource, students will learn the story of St. Valentine (all 3 St. Valentines, actually!), be challenged to think of ways to return St. Valentine’s Day from a rather secular holiday to a wonderful religious holy day, and be inspired to ask for St. Valentine’s intercession and live a life of true love as he did.

If you’re interested, click here for the rest of the St. Valentine’s Day Bundle details!

St. Valentine, pray for us!

In Christ,

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