The Sacrament of Reconciliation

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Reconciliation Resources

“This resource really helped my students to feel a lot more comfortable going to Reconciliation!”

– Christine G.

Every year in Advent and Lent my students get a chance to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliaiton during the school day. In this download you will receive all of the resources I use to prepare my middle school students for this awesome sacrament.

I am also including a few resources for younger students (2nd-5th grade) that I created for my oldest daughter when she was preparing for her 1st Reconciliation (I wanted her to be as spiritually prepared as possible and wasn’t quite satisfied with the outdated 2nd grade resources being used by our school). 🙂

I hope and pray your students enjoy these resources and experience the life-changing power of Reconciliation because of them! Click HERE or the picture above to learn more!

Don’t need or want the full Reconciliation Resources bundle? How about one of these quick, ready-to-use Reconciliation Guides instead?

Sin 101

Sin 101 is a great way to review, introduce, or extend knowledge of the subject of sin. Some things covered in these resources: The 2 main categories of sin (commission and omission), the main kinds of sin (mortal and venial), the 3 conditions required for a sin to be mortal (grave matter, full knowledge, deliberate consent), examples of mortal sin, and “sin scenarios” that provide students with the chance to determine if a man named “Mr. Rutabaga” is guilty of mortal sin or not. 🙂 Click HERE or the picture above to learn more!

The Sin of Gossip

With the advent of cell phones and social media the sin of gossip has become rampant, so much so that in my experience many of my students don’t see anything wrong with it: “It feels good to vent about others” and “If they don’t find out, how does anyone get hurt?” are the common threads of thought I’ve encountered. And yet, gossip is still a sin in the eyes of God. And gossip can cause great harm without us even knowing it.

In this assignment students will learn what God truly thinks about gossip and learn how this ever-prevalent sin damages both others and ourselves. Click HERE or the picture above to learn more!

Reconciliation Guides

  1. Reconciliation Guide (2nd-5th grade)
  2. Reconciliation Guide (6th-12th grade)