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Biblical Basics

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  1. Biblical Basics – Learning Targets (PDF)



  1. Exploring the Catholic Youth Bible – Biblical Skills Keynote (PDF)
  2. Biblical Skills In-Class Notes (PDF)
  3. BibleGateway.com (Bible Verse Look-Up) (web link)
  4. Da Hawai’i Pidgin Bible website (web link)
  5. BiblicalSkillsPracticeTest (Word doc)



  1. Bible Overview Note-Taking Guide (PDF), Bible Overview Note-Taking Guide (with answers) (PDF)
  2. Flat World Map (PDF), Where Books of the Bible Were Written (PDF)
  3. Important things to Remember when Reading the Bible (PDF)
  4. The Love Dare (from the movie Fireproof) (PDF), Fireproof movie clip (video web link)
  5. Example of Reading the Bible the Wrong Way – Judgment Day Part 1 (PDF), Part 2 (PDF)
  6. Creation Q&A (PDF), Creation Q&A worksheet (PDF)
  7. Story of Creation – Ancient Hebrew Cosmology (View of the World) (PDF)
  8. Deuterocanonicals-Apocrypha Song (original) (video web link), Deuterocanonicals-Apocrypha Song (with clap) (video web link)
  9. Supersize Me movie trailer (web link)
  10. The Gnostic Gospels (Did You Know?) (PDF)
  11. The Gospel of Thomas (PDF), The Infancy Gospel of Thomas (PDF)



  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Reading the Bible Graphic Organizer (PDF)
  2. Where Should I Start Reading the Bible? (video web link)
  3. Bible Reading Tips List (PDF), BibleReadingTips (Word doc)
  4. Bible Bookmark Project (PDF), Bible Bookmark Project – Good Examples (PDF), Bible Bookmark Project – Peer Review (PDF)
  5. Quote Dogs about the Bible (PDF)
  6. Lectio Divina (Keynote for Taking Notes) (PDF)
  7. Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) Instructions (PDF)
  8. Lectio Divina (In-Class Notes) (PDF)
  9. Lectio Divina HW (PDF)



  1. Biblical Basics Test Study Guide (PDF)
  2. Biblical Basics Crossword Puzzle (PDF)
  3. BiblicalBasicsC-a-T (Word doc)



  1. Ways to Read the Bible – Fr. Mike Schmitz (video web link)
  2. Bible Q&A (PDF), Bible Q&A HW – Part 1 (PDF), Bible Q&A HW – Part 2 (PDF)
  3. Biblical Stumpers – Group Work (PDF)
  4. CYB Articles HW (Word doc)
  5. Why Translating the Bible Is Trickier Than You Think (PDF)
  6. B90X Bible Reading Plan – Introduction (PDF), B90X Bible Reading Plan (PDF)
  7. Lectio 3 Step (PDF), Lectio 3 Step Booklet (PDF)