Help your students have a spiritually transformative 40 days of Lent with the plethora of resources listed below!

Get the “SUPER BUNDLE” (the best deal!) or download one or two portions of the bundle (details below). Either way, you’ll find everything you’ll need to help teach and prepare your students for this holy season of the Church. Happy Lent!


Here’s all the great stuff included in the download:

  1. Fully detailed lesson plans (a year 1 and year 2 option in case you see the same students back-to-back years)
  2. Interactive Lenten Calendar that students can either engage with on their own device or on a class Smartboard. Use as a way to teach about or review the season of Lent. Calendar comes in Google Slides, Keynote (Mac), and PC (Powerpoint) formats.
  3. Lenten Calendar worksheet to go with interactive calendar
  4. Lent FAQ assignment: Worksheet questions with corresponding article on some of the most common asked questions about Lent
  5. Lent 101 worksheet (featuring a Lenten calendar review and article on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving)
  6. The Big 3: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving article and corresponding assignment. Provided in two formats: As a PDF (for printing out) and Google Slides (for completing digitally).
  7. Preparing for Lent assignment used in conjunction with Fr. Mike Schmitz’s video “Preparing for Lent”. Provided in PDF (worksheet) and Google Slides (digital) formats.
  8. Lenten Goals assignments (2 options are provided in case you see the same students back-to-back years). These assignments assist students in choosing good goals to help them grow closer to God during the season of Lent. Provided in Microsoft Word and Google Slides formats.
  9. Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving Lenten Goals assignment. Short article followed by opportunities for students to write out Lenten goals and their plans for success. Provided in PDF, Keynote, and Powerpoint formats.
  10. Ideas of Things to Do and Give Up this Lent: List of 32 things students can choose to do for Lent and 32 things students can choose to give up for Lent
  11. Explanation of S.M.A.R.T. goals and other specific tips and suggestions for how to choose good, personally impactful goals.
  12. Mid-Lent “How’s Your Lent Going?” check-in assignment (to help students reflect on how the first half of their Lent has gone and what they can/should do to have a successful second half of Lent). Provided in Microsoft Word and Google Slides formats.
  13. Links to app ideas for students to use during Lent
  14. BONUS: Awkward Things to Give Up for Lent – Silly video assignment that your students will love! (Shoutout to fellow Religion teacher, Chris McGalloway, for allowing me to share this!)

Here’s what teachers have been saying:

“I used this resource with grades 7-12 in different capacities with excellent results. My 7th and 8th graders particularly liked the interactive calendar. I liked that I could use it as a quick check of kids’ understanding as a pre- and post-test activity. This is material that Catholic school teachers review year after year, and now everything is available in one handy download. Thanks, Greg!”

– Scott P.

“Excellent resource for the beginning of Lent!! Worked perfectly with my 7th grade Religion students!!”

– Shannon S.

“My students loved this resource & it was the perfect way to get them ready for the season of Lent!”

– Elizabeth B.

“Great resource. Well organized and easy to use!”

– Brad R.

“This is fabulous!!!”

– Jamie O.

Well, what are you waiting for? Time to check this thing out! 😁

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