Looking for some resources to remind your students of the true meaning of Christmas? Want them to enter into the season with real wonder and awe? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I have not one, not two, but THREE Christmas-themed resources that I am sure both you and your students will love. Each one comes complete with both paper AND digital versions of the assignment, as well as a fully detailed lesson plan with media notes.

Oh, and did I mention you can get these for free?

That’s right! Download these resources and enjoy a well-deserved night off from lesson planning! Frost some sugar cookies, watch a Christmas movie, have a friend over for hot cocoa, read a good book, go to bed super early… You get the idea. 😉

Yay! Merry Christmas to me!
So, how do I get these freebies?

It’s easy! First, subscribe to my e-mail list by clicking the image below:

After subscribing, look for an e-mail from me (Greg Aitchison). Within this e-mail you’ll find a link with a password that’ll give you complete access to a “secret vault”. Within this vault you’ll find the three Christmas resources mentioned above (they’ll be #16, #17, and #18 on the list) as well as a host of other goodies I think you’ll enjoy! 🤠

*Already a part of the CRT Crew? Simply head to The Freebie Vault, enter the secret password, and you’re good to go! 🥳

I hope and pray both you and your students are encouraged and inspired by these resources. If at any point you have any questions about them, please don’t hesitate to ask (you can reach me via my contact page here).

Thanks, and may God bless you, your students, and all you know and love this Christmas!

In Christ,