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Faith & Music


A fun, engaging resource that our middle school students really enjoyed! Majority of the students want to complete the assignment again and it made a really impact on them in actually listening to the lyrics being sung. Thank you for a terrific resource!

– Theresa O.

Thank you, Greg, for such a nicely organized resource and one that can be edited to suit both teacher’s and students’ needs. It can easily be used for distance learning or in-class and used more than once, too. My students enjoyed it and most were surprised how much they liked the different genres of Christian music!

– Susan M.

Music Playlists

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a lot of bland and uninspiring Christian music out there. However, if you do a little searching I GUARANTEE you’ll find some songs and artists you’ll really like. Here are a few suggestions for getting started:

  1. Google “Top Christian songs”, then look them up on Spotify or YouTube
  2. Do a Spotify search for Christian artists/playlists
  3. Think of what music genre you enjoy the most, then Google “Best Christian ___ (rock, pop, rap, etc.) songs”
  4. Ask someone who listens to Christian music who their favorite artist is or what their favorite song is
  5. Check out the playlists below!

JESUS IN THE HIZOUSE! – 🔥 A totally lit, Jesus-rockin’ dose of Christian Ear Snacks!

PUMP UP (Jesus-style) – Jesus songs to get you PUMPED UP

PRAISIN’ JESUS – Songs to praise Jesus with!

JESUS GANGSTA RAP – Top-notch rap that’s about more than just drugs, money, girls, and violence.

STUDENT DISCOVERIES – A playlist of Christian songs discovered by students of mine.

TOP CHRISTIAN – “The best mix of today’s Christian music worldwide!” (created by Spotify)