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Catholic Central hosts Kai and Libby (Kaiser Johnson, Libby Slater) take the Catholic faith very seriously. Themselves? Not so much. Check out their bi-weekly YouTube show for an “enter-forming” (that’s entertaining and informing, of course) trip through 2,000 years of Church history and doctrine. They’ll talk about faith, prayer, and the bible with heartfelt insight, animation, and questionable wig choices. Visit to learn more about your hosts, download activity guides and transcripts, and get all the latest content!

Catholic Central Video Assignment


BUY THIS! THE VIDEOS ARE HIGH QUALITY AND THE ASSIGNMENT IS ENGAGING! My 8th graders have LOVED doing these assignments. The video hosts are wonderful. I enjoy reading the responses from the students – it makes them think. Don’t hesitate – get this!

– Kasey M.

Catholic Central Videos

  1. 7 Deadly Sins
  2. Baptism
  3. Being Human
  4. Popes 101
  5. Creation and Evolution
  6. Praying with the Bible: Ignatian Meditation
  7. Social Teaching
  8. Gospels
  9. Problem of Evil
  10. The Bible
  11. Mary
  12. Saints
  13. Purpose and Meaning of Life
  14. Life after Life: The Catholic View of Heaven and Hell
  15. Reconciliation
  16. What’s Up with Catholics? (Ash Wednesday Edition)
  17. Forces of Evil
  18. Kai’s Lenten Meltdown
  19. Eucharist 101
  20. St. Patrick’s Day
  21. Good Friday
  22. Easter Traditions
  23. Confirmation
  24. Pentecost
  25. Real Presence
  26. Marriage
  27. Anointing of the Sick
  28. What’s Catholic?
  29. The Sexual Abuse Crisis
  30. Lectio Divina
  31. Who is Jesus?
  32. What are the Pillars of Catholic Social Teaching?
  33. Revelation
  34. The Liturgical Year
  35. Catholic Dating
  36. Reflection on Advent
  37. Immaculate Conception
  38. The Mass
  39. Symbols of Christmas
  40. Pro-Life Issues
  41. Sexuality
  42. What is Love?
  43. The Rosary
  44. Lent
  45. St. Joseph
  46. Psalms
  47. Formation of Conscience
  48. Prayer
  49. The Trinity
  50. The Holy Spirit
  51. Holy Orders
  52. Just War
  53. Everyday Discernment
  54. First 5 Books of the Bible
  55. Faith and Reason
  56. Feminism
  57. Pauline Letters
  58. Spirituality and Mental Health
  59. Care for the Environment
  60. Corporal Works of Mercy
  61. Prophets
  62. Spiritual Works of Mercy
  63. The History of the Church in 5 Moments
  64. Who Is God?
  65. Virtues
  66. Proofs of God