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I have followed Greg’s personal website (and now Teachers Pay Teachers store) for years, and I have had nothing but positive and uplifting experiences. I even communicated with Greg via email on more than one occasion regarding products I purchased, and he was so willing and eager to share information and insights with me as we both teach junior-high religion. I have used several of his products and ideas in my own classroom (including the famous “Bible Ditty” and “How to Go to Mass” PowerPoints) with much success. Thanks, Greg, for all that you do for those of us whose jobs are teaching the faith to tomorrow’s leaders of the Catholic Church!

Scott Procko
Middle School Religion Teacher, Pennsylvania

I was a stay at home mom for 18 years while raising my 7 children, and I just got back into teaching last fall. When I discovered “Catholic Religion Teacher” I was beyond thrilled. Greg’s lessons and resources are relevant, dynamic, creative, and extremely helpful. My greatest desire as a teacher is to share the love and truth of Jesus and His Church in a meaningful and engaging manner for middle schoolers. Catholic Religion Teacher has been an amazing supplement to my curriculum and allowed me to work toward my goal! Thank you, Greg, for providing this resource and being God’s instrument!

Diane Gallagher
Middle School Religion Teacher, Pennsylvania

During my sophomore year at Notre Dame I had a Theology test for which I had to write down all the books of the Bible in order. My professor did not have any clever ways to help us remember the books (all he did was mention that we would have to write them all out on our first exam). But because I still remembered the song you taught us way back in 8th grade, it was a breeze! I’m sure you’re still teaching your students the Bible Ditty, so be sure and let them know how useful it is!

Sarah N.
Former student, Minnesota

CatholicReligionTeacher.com is an inspiration! Returning to teaching after 13 years raising my children, I am energized by the technology and blown away by the wealth of quality resources you’ve amassed and organized and presented so generously and so well. Not only do I find it quality in terms of its useful Catholic content, I find it quality in terms of good teaching. I congratulate you on the success you must have with your students and thank you for making my first year back nothing like the disaster one might have expected! I cannot even begin to imagine the hours you’ve saved me by creating such quality materials that seem to fit my own teaching style.

Chris Gonet
Junior High Religion Teacher, Ohio

CatholicReligion.com has been a HUGE help to me and my 8th grade students this year. It offers the perfect supplemental material to use with the Theology of the Body for Teens program by Ascension Press. The introduction key note slide show presentation gave the students a much better sense of context as to why JPII gave the talks he gave and why we are learning this material. I am so thrilled that I stumbled upon this website and will be using it for other topics as well. Thanks, Greg!

Katherine Pomroy
Middle School Religion Teacher, Wisconsin

Your lesson plans are pure genius. Each one is exciting, thought provoking, and leads the students to God. I cannot tell you how many emails I have received about the lessons of yours I have used in my class where the parents tell me of the change in their child at home. Many of these kids lead their family in their faith life at home by getting them to church and adoration. Others have a mini shrine of Mary in their bedrooms. Others are developing a lifelong relationship with Christ and his Church. All because of your gift at writing these lessons.

Chris McGalloway
7th and 8th Grade Theology Teacher, Wisconsin

CatholicReligionTeacher.com has been an extremely useful resource for my students and I at York Catholic High School. I frequently use the site for the relevant and applicable topics and lessons which it provides. Just to name a few examples, I find the “Diagnosing the Culture” and “Existence of God” content especially relevant to the lives of my 11th grade Morality students. Furthermore, the links that Catholic Religion Teacher provides to countless videos, songs, and quotations on numerous important topics is greatly appreciated. This website is a valuable gem for any Catholic school religion teacher who desires to provide meaningful ways for their students to live as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today. I am truly grateful for CatholicReligionTeacher.com!

John Driscoll
Middle & High School Religion Teacher, Pennsylvania

Hi Mr. Aitchison, I needed to write this email to tell you how you are the best religion teacher I have ever had. I learned more from you in a trimester than I have learned in two years in high school! You had awesome ways of teaching, and you made it so easy to remember everything. Thank you for everything you taught me!

Cate D.
Former student, Minnesota

I love your site! You are spreading the faith so much further than your own backyard. My kids love it, too! Your evangelization is far and wide! You resources have been invaluable to me!!

Megan Hunt
Middle School Religion and Social Studies Teacher, New York

While working with a Confirmation group full of your former students we began talking about heaven and hell, belief and unbelief, etc. I asked them if anyone was familiar with Pascal’s Wager. Immediately every former student of yours jumped out of their seat to volunteer to explain it, saying they learned all about it during their Existence of God unit with you. The first student to make it to the front quite easily explained and mapped out Pascal’s Wager on the whiteboard. I thought I would share this because I want you to know how effective you are with these kids, and how meaningful your lessons with them are.

Dennis K.
Parent of former students, Minnesota

When I first started teaching five years ago, I had very little direction in terms of curriculum planning. I was able to use your lesson plans and activities to really jump start my 8th grade curriculum and create SUPER engaging lessons for my students. Thank you SO much for sharing these resources!

Raleigh Poché
8th Grade Religion Teacher, Louisiana

Hello, my name is Brad Reid and I work at St. Thomas Aquinas CHS in Russell, Ontario. We are a publicly funded Catholic school and as such we have a high percentage of students who do not practice the faith and who have very little experience with the big questions in life. I have found the materials on the existence of God very helpful and have generated some of the best classroom discussions I have ever had. Thanks for your hard work.

Brad Reid
7th, 8th, and 9th Grade Religion Teacher, Ontario

Going to Mr. Aitchison’s class was always the highlight of my day. His enthusiastic, engaging, and entertaining style of teaching made learning fun and easy. I have great memories of games such as Kings and Queens along with catchy phrases encouraging us to be “Mini-Theologians” and “Big-Time Saints.” To this day, I remember more from Mr. Aitchison’s class than any other class.

Joe K.
Former student, Minnesota

Dear Greg, praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you for all your resources! I need to tell you that the feedback from my first year teaching religion was extremely positive – thanks to all your lessons! My students who went on to high school are coming back for questions or miss the the style of teaching religion that really focuses in on discipleship and youth empowerment! Let’s unite in prayer for stronger Catholic and authentic faith formation! God bless you!

Julienne Calasanz
6th-8th Grade Science, Religion, & Christian Leadership Teacher, California

As distance learning began to become a reality, I was able to use some of Greg’s material that he created just for this kind of situation. The unit was called Faith & Music, and it was outlined for the students in a Google Slide. Each step was easy to follow and gave the students the power to explore lots of Christian music while looking closely at the different messages from the songs. Not only did they come to appreciate this genre of music, they paid close attention to some of the powerful messages and how they can apply them in their own lives. Ultimately, I found that 99% of my students (over 65 total) commented that they enjoyed the unit because it was something totally unique and haven’t experienced in religion class before.

Joe Mortl
7th and 8th Grade Religion Teacher, Minnesota

Thank you for all you do! I have been a fan/user of your resources since 2016 and I really appreciate your willingness to share, your awesome faith, and your excellent instructional abilities. You are an amazing child of God and a gift and blessing.

Laura Reeping
High School Theology Teacher, Idaho

Thanks for all that you do in bringing Catholic school teachers together. I love being part of this community!

Alana Bahoura
10th and 11th grade Theology Teacher, Michigan

Thank you so much, Greg!!! Your personal video message made me cry (seriously!). I have been teaching 30 years in 4th-5th grades and now God is calling me to teach junior high religion. God is funny because I remember telling myself I would never teach junior high students years earlier! When I found your website this morning it was an answer to prayers. I love your site and all the resources available (especially the Confirmation ones as I will be preparing the 8th graders for this sacrament in May). Thank you again for all your support and encouraging words! God bless you and your beautiful family.

Annette Sanchez
Junior High Religion Teacher, Florida

Honestly, your resources and website were a game changer in my teaching. Your resources and ideas on how to teach the faith and get kids excited were instrumental in helping me craft my own ideas and bring new life into my classroom. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do and for sharing these dynamite resources with fellow teachers in the field. Your website is a serious hidden gem and should be shared with teachers, youth ministers, and catechists around the country.

Amelia Misiak
Director of Youth Ministry (and former Middle School Religion Teacher), Wisconsin

I love how your resources reach students of all learning styles. I enjoyed sharing your 2 main goals of becoming a “mini-Theologian” and a “Big-Time Saint” with my classes. We revisit these goals throughout the year and it helps us stay on track and understand why we have religion class in a Catholic school. For 8th grade I especially enjoyed using your Existence of God unit. The students were able to study the arguments and then we had a debate. It was awesome! The students were able to use evidence to support their statements and it was readily apparent they had fun learning about this topic. Your resources are easy to use, your lessons are amazing, and I appreciate the clarity with which you lay out the objectives and lesson along with assessments and extras. I can’t thank you enough!

Mary Grinnell
6th-8th Grade Religion Teacher, Maryland

As a middle school religion teacher, I have been following your website for the last several years and have always enjoyed the content you share! I can rely on your materials to be engaging for my students and solidly rooted in Church teachings. This helps me to bring more flairs of fun to some otherwise dry topics.

Christine Swiss
Middle School Religion Teacher, Michigan

Thank you SO much for all of your hard work and effort putting your website together. Our grade 7 and 8 religion department uses your website frequently as a valuable resource. Your units and lessons are exceptionally well planned and organized, and all that you have provided has helped to shape our focus and instruction. I have received positive feedback from numerous students as well who have found the lessons engaging and uplifting. We are very grateful for all of the work you’ve put into this.

Greg Light
7th & 8th Grade Religion Teacher, Ontario

As a first year religion teacher, this website has been a Godsend for me. I have been able to use so many of the resources here and it has really helped supplement the resources I already had in my classroom. I am so thankful that I found this website and for everything it provides.

Sarah Johnson
8th Grade Religion and Social Studies Teacher, Wisconsin

This has been my first adventure in teaching middle school religion and your resources have helped guide me through so many units. I am beginning my Theology of the Body unit with my 8th grade students this week and am so comforted to find great resources available. Your materials have been instrumental in helping my students think deeply about our faith. Thank you for continuing to provide great learning opportunities for students everywhere!

Annie Crider
6th-8th Theology Teacher, Missouri

Mr. Aitchison, during my time at OLG I never truly appreciated how effective your teaching style was. Admittedly, I sometimes have trouble staying awake in class, but I noticed that in your class I never once had that problem. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s extremely hard to keep me engaged in class and you did that no problem, while also teaching me effectively. I was always engaged in class because of the crazy lessons you taught, as they were never the same as other lessons due to their energy and engaging activities, as well as not really knowing what you were going to do next. Your learning devices such as using “WUCK PUFF” and other acronyms still help me remember what was taught in your classes. In fact, I just recently had a high school test on the books from the “prophets” section of the Bible and while I didn’t study for it I actually still remembered the books in it because of the Bible Ditty! (Joshua, Judges , Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit, Judith, Esther, and finally 1 and 2 Maccabees… yeah, I still remember) I think that it will be hard for me to ever forget activities like the Bible Ditty, and what they represented.

Eric E.
Former student, Minnesota

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your incredible site and all its wonderful resources. I am a teacher in Dallas, Texas for St. Rita’s Catholic School (Pre-K through 8th grade) and have frequently relied on your site for keynotes, crosswords and outside-the-box ideas to engage my students. My 7th and 8th graders in Religion thoroughly enjoy your resources when I use them in class.

David Flynn
7th & 8th Grade Religion Teacher, Texas

Catholic Religion Teacher’s supplemental materials for the Middle School Theology of the Body program are amazing. Not only do my students enjoy the assignments, it helps them get more out of the TOB program. I have been impressed with everything I have used from the Catholic Religion Teacher website and Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you for helping my students become saints! Keep the Faith.

Jennie Murphy
7th & 8th Grade Religion Teacher, Iowa

Hi, my name is Karen Blaser and I teach 8th grade religion at St. Rose of Lima School in Freehold, NJ. I love your resources. They are age appropriate and my students enjoy doing them! I appreciate the variety of resources, as they make great extra class assignments and homework assignments that help to supplement my regular material. Thank you!

Karen Blaser
8th Grade Religion Teacher, New Jersey

As a past student of “Mr. Aitchison” I can confidently say that his teaching had a momentous effect on my faith. Any teacher who is blessed to have his resources in their classroom is one step closer to educating future saints.

Julia Zappa
Former Student (Now a High School Teacher), Minnesota

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