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I’m as excited as Blaise is about the 3 T’s!

Hello and happy Lent!

As you may already know, I am the proud father of four kiddos: Mary, Piper, Zoe, and Blaise.

While Mary, Piper, and Zoe were pretty easy on us when they were little, Blaise has been a different story. Thankfully, though, after a bit of a trying first year, our almost two-year-old is now as fun as ever! He gives huge hugs, is starting to say all kinds of words, and has a ball tackling and wrestling on the bed.

But more than anything now I’d say Blaise’s life is most oftentimes defined by his love for the 3 T’s: TRUCKSTRACTORS, and TRAINS

His love isn’t limited to these three, of course. Basically, if something is big, has wheels, and makes a bunch of noise, Blaise is all about it!

In awe of a garbage truck outside
First ever tractor ride
Field trip to the local hardware store (just to see the forklifts)
Ready to drive big sisters to the sledding hill
Playing tractors on the sleeping cat

So whether it’s a noise-making tractor book or a snowplow going down our street, Blaise’s excitement can’t be contained!

Well, I’m just as excited about a brand-new resource that I’ve been creating and putting the finishing touches on for a few weeks now…

I’ve mentioned it before but am happy to finally announce that this resource will officially be launching about one week from today (Monday, March 1st).

I’ll be sharing more details about this resource in a few days and will even be passing along a free “mini version” of it to all members of The CRT Crew as well (that’s you!). I’m hoping you’ll be as Blaise-level excited about it as I am! 😃

In the meantime, know of my prayers for you this week and throughout Lent!

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