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That First Day of School Feeling

I know many teachers and students are already a week or two (or more!) into the school year, but for three of the Aitchison kids today was Day #1.

As evidenced in this picture, I was reminded once again of just how exciting it is for kids to start the school year.

Seeing friends, having new classes, getting your own locker (I can’t believe I have a middle schooler now!), and of course, fun school supplies!

There’s all kinds of things kids get excited about… especially YOU!

Seeing the start of the school year through my kids’ eyes has reminded me of just how special teachers are in the lives of their students.

Whether you’re 22 or 62, have the most creative lesson plans in the world or not, wear a different outfit every day of the school year or the same ones each week, your students will always remember YOU.

Not how cool you were. Not how smart you were. But how much you loved.

Looking back, I can still easily remember which teachers truly cared about me. Their love (and patience – I got in my fair share of trouble!) had a HUGE impact on my life both in and out of the classroom.

And so, my challenge for you is this:

Try and bring that “first day excitement” with you every day this school year – Not because of a new outfit or awesome lesson plan of yours, but because you have the great privilege of showing God’s love to the students He’s entrusted to you.

Your students will remember you for the rest of their lives. Ask for the grace to see and love them with the heart of Jesus throughout this school year.

I’ll be praying for you every step of the way. 👍

In Christ,

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