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Tired of Rudolph and Jingle Bells?

My wife and I recently took our two oldest daughters on a surprise Christmas date…

We told Mary and Piper to dress up, hop in the car, and prepare for a fun night. They had no idea where we were going or what we’d be doing, so when we ushered them into the Minneapolis Target Center with over 20,000 other folks their eyes were as big as saucers. 😁

We were going to see For King & Country, who just so happened to be in town for their “Drummer Boy Christmas” tour.

It would be Mary and Piper’s first big, live concert experience. And it would be a true memory maker for all of us…

True Christmas joy!

Put simply, the concert was AMAZING.

For starters, For King & Country is a phenomenal band. Brothers Joel and Luke led with loads of energy, amazing vocals, and of course, their awesome Australian accents. 🇦🇺

But most importantly, they led with a ton of faith, making the whole experience feel like one big Jesus party! 🙌

Joel and Luke challenged the audience to serve the poor, treat women like princesses (they’re daughters of a King, after all!), and come together to help heal a world that’s hurting and divided in so many ways.

And of course, given the season, we spent most of the night singing Christmas carols together.

20,000 Christians, gathered under one roof, singing Silent Night together… AMAZING!

Tired of Rudolph and Jingle Bells yet?

I don’t know about you, but at this point in December I’m just about done with most “popular” Christmas music. Rudolph, Jingle Bells, The Grinch… all fine and dandy, but with less than a week before Christmas and a full Church season of Christmas-celebrating ahead, I’m ready for something different and deeper…

And so, if you’re in the same boat, I’d highly suggest checking out For King & Country’s Christmas music (playlist, links, and the best ever rendition of The Little Drummer Boy below!). It’s fresh, it’s faithful, and as evidenced with Mary and Piper, your students will be sure to love it!

God bless you as you wait for the coming of the Lord and begin to celebrate His birth in the days ahead. Many prayers of Christmas hope and joy for you and yours!

In Christ,

P.S. A HUGE shoutout to former student, Josh (OLG Class of 2017), for introducing me to For King & Country’s music years ago! Thanks, Josh! 🙌


  2. For King & Country music on iTunes
  3. For King & Country music on Amazon
  4. For King & Country music on Spotify
  5. For King & Country Concert Setlist – Target Center, Minneapolis, MN 12/11/21 (Spotify playlist)

You’ve gotta check this out…

For King & Country’s rendition of The Little Drummer Boy (the best version out there!).

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  1. Greg, I had the JOY of seeing them at a benefit concert 4 years ago and they are WONDERFUL!! I am so glad that your family went and supported them.

    They are in The Chosen: Messengers special as well! (Which is so Catholic even without being Catholic…) You should check that out as well. It is free on the app right now. My favorite is the One Voice choir.

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