The CRT Spotlight

CRT Spotlight #13: Cynthia Przytula

CRT Spotlights are intended to encourage and inspire fellow teachers of the faith. Know a religion teacher who deserves to be featured? Please send me their name and e-mail address via my Contact page. Thanks!


Cynthia Przytula

What teaching positions have you had and for how long?
I’ve taught everything from 4th grade through high school. I’m currently teaching 5th grade and 8th grade Religion. I’ve been at St. Charles since 2018.

Where have you taught?
OLGA, Calexico, CA; St. Mary’s Catholic School, El Centro, CA; Calipatria High School, Calipatria, CA; St. Agnes Catholic School, Los Angeles, CA; St. Helen’s Catholic School, Paramount Unified School District, Paramount, CA; Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic School, Los Angeles, CA; Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center, Reno, NV; Bishop Manogue Catholic High School, Reno, NV; St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, Woburn, MA


FAVORITE: Bible verse or story
“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

St. Francis of Assisi

FAVORITE: Christian Work of Art
Innocence by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Mexican, Italian, Polish

Gone with the Wind, To Sir With Love, Up the Down Staircase

Gone With The Wind

FAVORITE: Vacation spot
Anyplace quiet: The woods, mountains…

FAVORITE: Thing(s) to do in your free time
Free time??? What’s that?


What do you enjoy most about being a Catholic religion teacher?
Helping my students to become the person they were created to be. Helping them to see God’s plan for their lives.

What religion topic/lesson do enjoy teaching the most?
Ten Commandments, Morality, Catholic Social Teaching, Church History

What is something your students have taught you?
To take a step back and breathe and see the silliness in life as a positive.

What is a “win” (story of success) that you have experienced through your role as a religion teacher?
I can’t think of one in particular but every time a student comes to me and says they finally understand a concept; whenever a student comes to me and says they felt they had connected with God; whenever I am teaching and you see the lightbulb pop up over the heads of my students or they may not completely understand God but they are at peace with that… I take all of those as a win.

What is a struggle or challenge you have experienced as a religion teacher?
Battling the idea that science can explain everything, hence God is not practical or needed.

What have you found to be most effective in helping your students develop a strong relationship with Christ and His Church?
Leading by example. Letting my life and the struggles I have had with God show them that you can have a strong relationship with God, even when things aren’t going as you would like them to. Letting them know that no matter what goes wrong, God is always there to help and to guide and to soothe.

What kind of advice or encouragement would you most want to share with a brand-new religion teacher?
You will face challenges. Those challenges are opportunities to examine your life, your faith, and to show your students that God is a constant, no matter how unsettling the world is. Never stop learning!


How can other teachers connect with you?

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