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The Importance of Doing a Faith Survey

I’m not sure if you’ve ever done this or not, but I have a freebie for you that could end up being a big help to you this school year!

At the start of every school year I would always give some kind of a “faith survey” to my students. The questions on this survey changed over the years, but the reasoning behind it was always the same:

To discover where each of my students was at on their faith journey.

How was this helpful?

  1. It gave me a quick snapshot of if/how my students were involved in their faith outside of school
  2. It offered me insights into how I might need or want to adjust lessons and assignments throughout the year
  3. It highlighted faith-related questions and topics that were on the minds of my students (and thus gave me a chance to directly address some of the quandaries, misconceptions, and objections that were holding them back from a deeper relationship with Christ and the Church)
  4. It (on a few occasions) sparked opportunities for students to receive sacraments they had missed but deep down desired! (e.g. Baptism and First Communion)

If you’ve never done a faith survey with your students, I’d encourage you to give it a shot! You can download a copy of the Faith Survey I created via the instructions below and use it as is or make edits as you see fit (it’s provided in PDF, Keynote, and Powerpoint formats).

Your download will also contain a few extra notes from my own experience of using this resource with my students.

Want a free copy of this resource?

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