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Katie Kate’s Amazing Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

My wife has a gift:

She makes the most AMAZING chocolate chip cookies in the universe.

And more than anything right now I wish I could say “Thank you!” to teachers all over the world by delivering a dozen of Kate’s cookies to each and every one of them.

But sadly, that’s just not possible. And so, I’m going to go with the next best thing:

Sharing her secret recipe.

That’s right. The recipe for Katie Kate’s Amazing Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies is finally going public. It’s gotta. These cookies are just too darn good and these times are just too darn tough!

So teachers, many of whom I know are just finishing up your first week of school and all of whom I know are going above and beyond to teach during this crazy time of pandemic, I encourage you to take a little break this weekend and bake up some absolutely irresistible sweet and salty chocolate chip cookies. They’ll look like this:

If you want to eat the whole batch yourself over the next week – GO FOR IT (I won’t tell). Otherwise, bring some joy to others by sharing them with your family, friends, and/or colleagues!

(Click the pic to download the full recipe)

Congrats again on making it through the first few days/weeks of school! I hope you are able to celebrate with some of Katie Kate’s cookies and that they bring a little extra warmth and joy to your heart. 🍪❤️


P.S. If you love the cookies, please let me know so I can pass word on to my wife! 😉 😃

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