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1 Quick (but SUPER IMPORTANT!) Question

Hello and happy Feast of Saints Peter and Paul!

I have a question to ask you. A big, important question, in fact. But before I ask this question I’d like to offer a little background:

👇 👇 👇

During this past year I’ve really been feeling the Holy Spirit nudging me to reevaluate the mission and aim of my work with Catholic Religion Teacher. 

You see, I have about a MILLION ideas (all of which I’m super excited about!), but I’ve slowly come to the realization that I’m probably going to need to narrow my focus in order to deepen my impact.

However, before I start setting aside plans and forging a new path I want to make doubly-sure that I know exactly HOW I CAN BEST SERVE AND SUPPORT YOU.

And so, I am humbly asking you to take a second to answer just 1 quick question for me

Not only will your answer help guide me in the right direction, but it will also benefit you and other teachers of the Catholic faith who will in turn, God willing, help students all over the world come to know the love of Christ and become the saints God is calling them to be (woohoo!).

I know your time is precious, so please know of my gratitude ahead of time if you were to take 30 seconds or more to answer this question. You (and your thoughts/ideas/suggestions) mean the world to me!

You can click here or on the mailbox above to share your answer.


In Christ,

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