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Meet Stephanie! + COMING SOON (x2!)

Hellooooo fellow teachers of the faith!

I hope you’re well and (for those of you in the U.S.) you had a fantastic 4th of July! 🇺🇸 😊

Our crew celebrated with a lot of swimming, late-night fireworks, and a fun time at the local parade…

Piper, Mary, and Zoe – right before catching all kinds of candy 😋

We also got in on some small-town pig races where I’m proud to say that yours truly won a rather ridiculous inflatable horse race! 😂

But in addition to all the fun and shenanigans I wanted to share a few extra things with you as well!


The 2nd annual CRT “Raffle for Reviews” is just around the corner!

Once again, $100 worth of Amazon gift cards will be up for grabs! (Woohoo!)

Full details to come soon… 😉


Guess what?! The Bible Ditty unit that I’ve been working on is juuuuust about finished!

I’m currently in the process of double and triple-checking everything to make sure it’s top-notch and all ready to go.

I’m SO EXCITED to finally share this with you!

Stay tuned! 😁


I’d love for you to meet Stephanie Gaona!

Stephanie has taught high school theology and sacramental prep for many years in Arizona. She offers some great advice and encouragement in this latest edition of The Catholic Religion Teacher Spotlight!

Click HERE or on the picture above for a wonderful dose of summertime inspiration from Stephanie! 🙌

Have a blessed rest of your day and week!

In Christ,

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