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Now’s the time to spice up your classroom!

I know summer isn’t over yet, but if you have dreams of spicing up your classroom and/or doing a better job of evangelizing and inspiring your students this upcoming school year, then I’ve got something for you!

Drumroll, please…

How about some…







These are just a few of over 150 posters to choose from! 🙀

If you want your students to walk into your room this school year and “Ooh” and “Ahh” at the new look and feel of your classroom, then now is the time to act!

I have over 150 posters available to help bring the faith to life in your classroom this year, but in order to get them up before the first day of school you’re going to want to start checking posters out now and ordering your favorites soon.

Don’t know where to start? How about checking out My Top 10(ish) Most Impactful Posters where I give full explanations of the 10 (or so) posters that proved to be the most powerful in my classroom over the years!

Or check posters out by category:

  1. All Posters – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  2. Featured Posters – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  3. Bible Verses – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  4. Saint Quotes – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  5. Faith Quotes – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  6. Themes – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  7. Pray for Us! – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  8. Prayers – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads
  9. Wisdom & Inspiration – Physical Versions / Digital Downloads

Wondering exactly how a few posters can dramatically enhance your lessons and inspire the faith of your students?

Then I encourage you to check out my article, The Untapped Power of Posters: 7 Ways a Well-Chosen Poster Can Have a Huge Impact in Your Classroom to hear what happened when I started adding faith-themed posters to my classroom…

Have a question about posters or an idea for a new one? Please let me know! 

Drop me a line via my Contact page or email me at:

Thanks, and God bless you!


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