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And the 5 lucky winners are…

Well, the 2nd annual CRT Raffle for Reviews is officially over. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who took the time to leave a review on Teachers Pay Teachers and enter your name in this year’s raffle! I truly, truly appreciate it! 🙏 🙏

Here are this year’s winners!

  1. Erica S. (reviewed “Touch Someone Who”… Activity)
  2. Theresa O. (reviewed Biblical Basics – Full Unit!)
  3. Jeannine P. (reviewed Lectio Divina)
  4. Lacey L. (reviewed Fr. Mike Schmitz Video Assignment)
  5. Dorothy F. (reviewed The 12 Apostles – Roll Call!)
My kiddos (and our cats, apparently) helped pick this year’s lucky winners out of a hat. 😊

Congratulations, winners! Your Amazon gift card will be sent to you soon! 😉

Oh, and don’t forget!

If you entered this year’s (or last year’s) raffle your name will be automatically rolled over and included in next year’s raffle as well! So, if you’re bummed that you didn’t win this year, don’t worry – You already have a chance to win NEXT year! 🥳

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