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This isn’t your typical classroom resource… but it’s AWESOME!!!


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Have you ever wished for a way to make collecting papers super EASY (no work for you!), crazy FAST (is 14 seconds quick enough?), SILENT (yup, silent), and a TON OF FUN for your students?

Well, this is the ticket!

Paper Passing Magic is a hack I created and then perfected over 14 years in the classroom. It was one of my biggest game-changers and is one of my proudest inventions.  😁

When I first started teaching I was always really frustrated when it came time to collecting papers (assignments, tests/quizzes, permission forms, etc.). No matter what I tried, it seemed like:

  1. It always took FOREVER (“Come on, students! We’ve got things to get to!”)
  2. Papers were always out of order (I wanted them in alphabetical order for ease of tracking and entering into my grading program), some were crumpled or folded up, and WITHOUT FAIL two or more papers were turned in without a name on them (AHH!!!)
  3. Students would use the opportunity to talk, goof around, wander around the classroom, and generally get completely off task (which then meant taking forever to get them focused and back on task!) 😠

It was a task that drove me crazy. 

I tried a number of things to solve this problem: Paper passing systems (e.g. pass up the aisle, then down the row), assigning students to collect papers, assigning students to alphabetize papers, taking points off assignments that didn’t have a name on them (not a great educational practice, I know, but I was desperate!), and just flat out pleading with students to cooperate and be quiet while they turned in their papers.

All of the above came to nothing. Turning in papers still took forever. Papers were still out of order. Students still got off task. And I still got annoyed and frustrated by it all…

And then I had the incredible thought: Why not gamify this task? Turn it into a competition? Make it a team-building, problem-solving, strategic-planning event? Set it up to be something my students (and I!) not only didn’t hate, but actually LOVED to do?

And thus, Paper Passing Magic was born…

With this resource you’ll learn the secrets of how I transformed my paper collecting system from my most loathed activity to one that made me smile everyday and swept my students off their feet.

You’ll get all my insider tips and tricks for how to set up the perfect competition for easily accomplishing the following day-in and day-out:

  • All papers in alphabetical order
  • All papers facing the correct way (not backwards or upside-down)
  • All papers nice and neat (not folded or crumpled)
  • All papers with student names on them (no more tracking down kids to see if a paper belongs to them!)
  • And all of the above done WICKED-FAST and WITHOUT A PEEP

Oh, and did I mention that your students will have a TOTAL BLAST with this and actually request to pass in papers because of how fun this is? 

And that this activity will provide opportunities for teamwork, class-bonding, problem-solving, and strategic planning? Not to mention the chance for students to get out of their seats and burn off some energy every day?

I know this might sound too good to be true, but I’m dead serious: Paper Passing Magic is a game changer – and something that both you and your students will come to love and appreciate.

CLICK HERE to get this game changer or check out the video below for even more info!

Have a fabulous day!

In Christ,

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